Chris Tyler gets more than his truck serviced by dirty mechanic Brian Bonds at Falcon Studios!

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Falcon Studios says: Normally my advice to guys is never disturb a car mechanic when he has his head under the trunk of your pickup. However, after watching this hot episode I am rather inclined to change my advise. Disturb away if you are the one in need of a quick service as the truck overhaul can wait! Especially so if, for some unknown reason, your pants are already hanging down below your knees and your loaded gun is already cocked. It’s kind of a give away, don’t you think? ‘Changin’ that oil huh!’ is gonna go down as the best pick up line in the business.

Clearly Chris Tyler is more in need of some direct attention and turning around the sexy Brian Bonds luckily picks up on that right away. Brian makes short work of chomping down Chris’s pre-cum infused man meat. The sticky wetness sticks to Brian’s lips as he comes up for air. Brian quickly rips his jeans apart and releases his big cock from his sexy underwear.

He gobbles down Chris’s cock in long deep strokes with his lips ending up pressed hard against Chris’s ball sack like a man possessed. Chris just has to return the suck off favor, gorging Brian’s big low hanging balls between his lips and pressing hard against them with his tongue. Brian moans with intense carnal pleasure.

Brian is clearly in the market for some anal action as Chris manhandles his leg onto the truck’s fender giving him a wide open ass hole to aim for. Aim he does plugging his rock hard cock into Brian’s wet and moist ass hole. ‘You like that dick don’t you?’ as if Chris needs to ask as the answer is plastered all across Brian’s face. ‘Fuck yeah!’ as Chris grabs Brian’s muscular thighs for extra traction.

Not to be outdone and to return the favor Brian lies on the workshop floor legs splayed as Chris lowers himself down onto Brian’s erect dick. Both guys then fuck rampantly with Chris bouncing around pushing Brian’s huge cock deeper and deeper with them both moaning rhymically. They change over and Brian again fucks Chris this time on his stool with Chris’s leg over his shoulder, a great position and so fucking horny.

The fucking reaches a climax and Brian withdraws and shoots a huge cumshot across the yard covering Chris in his creamy cum juices. Chris’s ass is fully serviced and raring for a repeat performance. Check the hot trailer below or get the full sordid video at Falcon Studios. One not to miss. Get this video at Falcon Studios!


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