Trent King’s tight black asshole bare fucked by ripped muscle boy Malik Delgaty’s huge raw cock says: Trent King is bringing his girlfriend to meet his roommate Malik Delgaty. They arrive home unexpectedly finding Malik sat on the couch with his huge hard dick in his hand, jerking away secretly.

He’s busted and Trent’s GF is more than disgusted. Trent, on the other hand, is more than a little interested and when she is in bed he sneaks out to check out the ‘sordid’ gay boy action.

Malik feeds Trent his cock and then fucks the bottom doggy-style behind the curtains… until Trent’s girl wakes up and catches them. read more

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Sexy young Barista boy Joey Mills’s hot bare ass bareback fucked by tattooed muscle stud Chris Damned says: Hot cute young Barista boy, Joey Mills informs tattooed hunk Chris Damned that he cannot enter the coffee shop without a mask.

But Chris doesn’t want to return to his car sho he pulls his t-shirt over his mouth as a makeshift mask.

When he exposes his tattooed chest and abs… and his hard cock poking up over his waistband young Joey can’t help but look at the sexy young man’s hot dick.

The horny bottom decides to turn his customer into a snack, pulling down his pants and adding some whipped cream and a cherry before sucking down that dickaccino. read more

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Sexy muscle hunk Arad Winwin’s huge cock bareback fucks blonde twink Alam Wernik’s hot hole says: Young blonde dude Alam Wernik is having his first training session with his new personal trainer Arad Winwin.

Alam gets the hang of the first exercise quickly and he easily moves his muscular young ass and legs into the perfect position.

Arad feels Alam’s muscled body with both his strong hands.

With all that squatting, Alam could use a massage, so Arad has him lie across his hard thighs as he gives the pretty twink a rubdown, then he rips open his pants and squirts oil all over his ass. read more

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Young bearded hottie Thyle Knoxx sucks his boyfriend Gabriel Clark’s huge dick while he zoom calls to his godmother says: Thyle Knoxx is trying everything to get Gabriel Clark’s attention but he is more interested in his favorite TV show.

He’s already tried sucking his boyfriend’s big cock and shaking his booty to catch his attention but it is only when his godmother Zoom calls him that he has an even better idea.

Thyle distracts him by kneeling on the floor and spreading his hot ass hole.

As Gabriel chats on cam, he thrusts into Thyle doggy style, but he accidentally reverses the camera and gives his god mom an eyeful. read more

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Well built muscle dude Collin Simpson’s huge dick bareback fucking young twink Tannor Reed’s hot hole says: Well built muscle dude Collin Simpson is washing windows and he has set his ladder up inside to clean the windows outside.

Young slender twink Tannor Reed poses erotically on the inside of the glass, he flashes his sexy body shaking his booty before sneaking up and licking Collin’s hot asshole.

Tannor gets so turned on, he jacks off his cock and jizzes on the newly clean glass.

Mopping up cum isn’t in Collin’s contract, so Tannor offers the horny top a special bonus, sucking his dick and climbing into Collin’s ladder to let him fuck his mouth. read more

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Sexy tattooed studs Andrea Suarez and Jackson Radizs’ big cock flip flop bubble butt ass fucking says: Andrea Suarez is sheltering indoors again for another day and he’s pretty bored of binge-watching TV series on his streaming service.

To motivate him Jackson Radiz suggests that they switch off the tablet and do something more interesting instead.

The sexy horned-up guys start kissing and rubbing each other’s cocks as they slip out of their clothes, then suck each other’s cocks.

These vers hunks love taking turns topping each other, and after Jackson fucks Andrea missionary and Andrea pounds Jackson in doggy-style, they take a break for some 69 so they can both enjoy getting sucked at once. read more

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Big dick stud JJ Knight’s bareback fucks ginger muscle boy Calhoun Sawyer’s tight bubble ass says: JJ Knight and Calhoun Sawyer are at home planning to celebrate the close of the old year as they are totally fed up with the restrictions of 2020 and looking forward to freedom in 2021.

As JJ uncorks the bottle of champagne, and the cork goes flying off, and in a final twist to 2020, it lands directly into Calhoun’s tight asshole.

Calhoun tells his man to come to uncork him, so JJ pulls it out with his teeth, then eats his BF’s hole before fucking him doggy style.

Calhoun rides the top’s dick, then deepthroats him before JJ fucks him spoon on the couch. read more

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Ripped muscle stud Reese Rideout’s huge dick bareback fucking young hottie Johnny B’s hot bubble butt says: What a year it has been for nightly news anchor Reese Rideout and on this final night of the year, he is having trouble holding himself together anymore.

As he presents the news he enters into a raged rant live on air.

His news cohost asks him to save his energy for when the ball drops in Times Square.

Instead Reese signals to sexy cameraman Johnny B to come onto the set and drops his balls into Johnny’s willing mouth.

As the TV station cuts the signal, Johnny lying on the floor sucks down hard on Reese’s huge cock before Reese rims his hot bubble ass getting his wet ready for a hardcore bareback ass fucking he won’t forget. read more

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Tattooed hunk Dereck Thibault’s huge dick bare fucks blue-eyed twink Edward Terrant’s hot hole says: Sexy tattooed stud Dereck Thibault is feeling very horny and as he wanks his hand just isn’t doing it for him, but every time he tries using something around the apartment to get off, his roommate, Edward Terrant, comes in and stops him.

Edward shuts Dereck down when he’s fucking a pillow and then a watermelon, but when he finds Dereck with the vacuum cleaner on his cock head, he replaces it with his mouth.

Getting his dick sucked and his balls licked is just what Dereck needed, and soon the blue-eyed twink is riding his big cock. read more

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Hottie muscle dude Diego Sans’s huge uncut dick bareback ass fucking Ryan Rose’s hot hole says: Miracle Lube is what everyone is everyone is talking about and Dr. Ryan Rose its inventor is having a quiet moment in his surgery trying the famed healing oils on himself.

He squirts a few drops onto his hands and lubes them up before he strokes his big cock.

Just as he is getting his cock hard his next patient Diego Sans enters the room for his treatment appointment.

The “Miracle Lube” ointment you used last week helped Diego a lot, so he wants to do it again.

Diego quickly undresses as Ryan selects just the right oil, then gently anoints Diego’s chest, abs, and thighs, before pulling off his underwear to oil up his huge thick cock, back, and bubble butt ass. read more

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