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English Lads says: Young straight studs Henry Kane and Mitch Lee are here today to push both their boundaries further.

Henry is here to fuck the tight straight asshole of Mitch who is happy to have another big uncut dick in his ass.

It is funny how after his initial reticence about getting penetrated Mitch is quite relaxed and is starting to love getting a big uncut cock in his ass.

Both young lads are pretty fit and in good shape with slim bodies and lean six-pack abs muscles.

As soon as the cameras start rolling they are soon up and about stripping one another naked in seconds. read more

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Young straight hottie Carter Jones strips off his sexy undies jerking his huge thick uncut dick

English Lads says: Sexy young straight stud Carter Jones has a cheeky personality and he is very easy on the eye and he’s not nervous about getting naked in front of the cameras.

He’s appeared previously some time ago and he’s lost none of his sexiness and we check out his big uncut cock as he strips off his underwear.

We try something new today and I cut Carter’s hair giving him a nice fade and wow he looks 5 years younger.

Carter soon has his shorts off and his massive uncut cock out. read more

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Big muscle dude Francois Sagat’s hot asshole fucked by huge muscled hunk Matthew Rush’s big thick dick

Titan Men says: Sexy big muscle dude Francois Sagat falls to his knees on the roadway and sucks down hard on huge muscled hunk Matthew Rush’s thick erect dick.

Francois works Mathew’s big man meat between his lips getting it right to the back of his deep throat, gagging when it is balls deep.

Mathew pushes Francois towards the truck and bends him over, running his tongue between his ass cheeks getting his tongue far into his hot hole.

He rims the hot muscle man getting him wet and his ass hole ready for his thick erection. read more

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Hot big muscle stud Francois Sagat’s hot bubble ass fucked by younger dude Viktor Jones’s huge thick dick

Titan Men says: Hot muscle hunk Francois Sagat and sexy ripped young stud Viktor Jones are running along the beachfront under a beautiful sky in just their jeans.

As they enter the seafront compound of their home Viktor falls to his knees and unleashes Francois’s huge uncut cock and sucks it until it hits the back of his throat.

Viktor gets his tongue deep into Francois’s foreskin running it up and down the length of his big dick from balls to tip.

Francois then returns the favor jerking his own cock as he blows Viktor’s thick erection. read more

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Sexy Sean Cody Jax’s huge raw dick bare fucks young hottie stud Joey Mills’s hot hole says: Suited muscle businessman hunk Sean Cody Jax catches the eye of hot young twink Joey Mills who is checking him out down in the subway.

Jax gets in closer so he can play a little footsie before massaging Joey’s huge crotch bulge with his socked toes.

As they meet across a pole from each other, they touch each other’s hard erect dicks and Joey drops to his knees to deepthroat Jax’s huge cock.

The tall, jacked top rips open Joey’s boxers and fucks him doggy style before taking a seat as Joey jumps him like a turnstile. read more

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Czech Hunter 560 straight young hitchhiker sucks my big uncut dick then I raw fuck his asshole

CzechHunter says: On my way back into the city I passed a young dude at the side of the road thumbing a life.

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve had a hitchhiker that I thought may as well try my luck.

Well as it turned out this guy had already had a bad day, he’d lost his wallet with his entire monthly salary inside.

I couldn’t retrieve his wallet but I could maybe help him with some ready cash.

I was more than happy to make a little detour.

This dude was only 21 years old and very handsome. read more

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Hottie young stud Nils Tatum’s huge thick uncut dick bare fucks hot dude Elio Chalamet’s tight bubble ass

Belami says: Nils Tatum is busy chatting away on Belami Chat to his fans when Elio Chalamet comes in feeling horny.

Elio lies back on the sofa as Nils pulls down his shorts exposing his big erect dick which is already rock hard.

Nils then sucks down hard on his hard cock taking it right to the back of his throat until he gags on it, making Elio moan with pleasure.

Elio then lies back exposing his hot asshole as Nils forces his big thick dick between his ass cheeks into his hot hole.

Nils then bare fucks Elio’s tight bubble ass in long strong strokes from balls to tip before changing up positions to get his big uncut dick deeper into Elio. read more

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Hottie young stud Reece Anderson’s bubble butt raw fucked by horny hot dude Connor Peters’s huge thick dick

Bentley Race says: Young hot studs Reece Anderson and Connor Peters have been chomping at the bit to get together for quite a while now.

Once summer arrived I was keen to get these two young hunks into the studio for today’s photo and video.

They got along really well and were really adorable together.

Connor was super horny by the time we finished the photos so I grabbed the video camera to catch Connor drilling his new mate on the bed.

The fucking in this video is intense. You can see by the look on Reece’s face that he only just handling the size of Connor’s cock. read more

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Sexy young cute stud Conor’s huge thick dick bare fucks older Blake’s hot bubble butt

Sean Cody says: Young fun cute twink Conor is in the Sean Cody studio for the very first time and he is being teamed up by hottie hunk Blake.

The sexy guys start making out, kissing passionately as they undress each other. Blake undoes Conor’s shorts exposing his hard erect young dick.

Blake on all fours sucks down hard on the young stud’s thick cock getting it balls deep and making Conor moan at the intensity of his blowjob.

Conor then pushes Blake onto the sofa and lifts his legs above his head, so he can rim his hot asshole. read more

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Young ripped hottie Vincent OReilly’s hot hole raw fucked by Johnny Ford’s huge thick dick

Raging Stallion says: Sexy young hotties Vincent OReilly and Johnny Ford are home alone lying of the sofa stroking each other’s huge erect dicks.

Vincent can feel Johnny’s huge erect cock throbbing against his ass, so he gets between Johnny’s legs to suck his uncut dick, taking it right to the back of his throat.

After savoring Johnny’s cock, Vincent offers up his smooth hole for Johnny to devour.

It’s not long before Vincent wants more, and Johnny gives it to him slowly sliding his hefty meat into Vincent’s hot hole. read more

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