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CzechHunter says: When I met this new guy in the street I felt like I had won the lottery.

Young Michal turned out to be 24 years old but he still had very boyish teenage looks, very sexy with a cheeky chirpy bonhomie.

He was a young cutie adorable with a lean body and an adorable smile. Yeap Michal was lovely but he was about to get totally wrecked by mu big uncut dick.

He lived at home with his girlfriend but he wasn’t shy about showing me his cock.

He amazed me when he agreed to give me a blow job sucking me right there. I didn’t feel like walking so I called us a taxi. read more

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CzechHunter says: I asked a young friend where the best place was to hang out in the city where young people like to hang out.

Not so much of a secret but what got me excited was he also mentioned that these younger people were all nudists.

Hmmm, that sounds like a nice prospect, imagine I could inspect the goods before getting them home.

The place was surrounded by beautiful nature but there were no nudists around.

Just one guy having a walk. After a little chat, he agreed to show me around and lose some clothes in the process. read more

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25 year old straight shop worker gives up his ass for my big uncut dick first time ever at Czech Hunter 403

CzechHunter says: Today’s hunting trip started in the city market. The place was very crowded so I was careful to choose carefully.

Taking care I took awhile for me to choose my next target. He wasn’t there to shop but was passing through going to work.

I said to him what working on a Friday what sort of terrible job is that. I tried to convince him that I had more fun ideas in mind for the afternoon.

It turns out he worked at a musical instrument repair shop and the wage was poor. As we talked I could see his eyes light up, I knew I had him already. read more

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CzechHunter says: I featured a guy a while ago who suggested he could bring a friend. As he explained both of them needed money fast and I was their best option.

Being curious I said yes. On this lovely day, we met down by the river and the boys looked pretty sexy, so it was an easy decision.

We decided to go on a river cruise in a small motorboat. The boys undressed and started to play with each other’s soft cocks.

I wanted all the cyclists and drivers to have some fun, as well.

After a while, we moved to a nearby forest where we were able to experiment with positions a little. read more

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CzechHunter says: It was a lovely sunny day so I decided to check out the city center expecting to find a lot of sexy young people down by the river.

This turned out to be a very good idea as I bumped into a young cute guy even before I got started.

The young man was supposed to be meeting a friend who was running late so we had a few stolen minutes together.

He kept talking but I was more interested in getting my way with him for a cash bonus.

It was handy when the boy said he lived closeby, it was a nice apartment and the boy’s initial shyness in the street dissolved as soon as he shut the door. read more

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Czech Hunter 514

CzechHunter says: Prague was kinda empty today. I noticed only a handful of cute dudes but they all looked so busy… Martin was the first one I tried.

He was also busy but not terribly busy. And he turned out to be a great pick.

Martin wasn’t doing so good, he had no job and was staying at his friend’s place because he couldn’t afford to rent a flat.

He wanted to be a bartender so I promised him to ask my friends. Obviously, I didn’t care much about his job-problem. read more

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Czech Hunter 513

CzechHunter says: This cute redhead was on his way from a job interview. He didn’t know the verdict yet so he looked a bit depressed.

His previous boss fired the guy and he was struggling with money ever since. The idea of fucking a nice ginger ass was pretty tempting so I tried to get him into bed.

It took only a few thousand Crowns and we were in his tiny apartment. The guy had a nice, ginger hairy cock and knew how to take care of my horny meat. His ass was incredibly deep.

Every time it swallowed my dick, I was scared I might never see it again. This guy took pounding like if it was his daily bread. read more

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Czech Hunter 512

CzechHunter says: I was on my way to a nearby park, where I wanted to begin the hunt.

When I was only minutes away, I met this cute guy. He wanted to buy cigarettes and I disturbed him.

He probably wasn’t a heavy smoker because he didn’t mind me bothering him.

We had a little chat during which he told me a lot about himself.

The dude didn’t finish school and worked as a conductor.

That was good, it’s not exactly a well-paid job.

He was kinda nervous about the camera and the whole interview. read more

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Czech Hunter 511

CzechHunter says: I didn’t have much luck today. I spent almost an hour walking around the city before I met Tomas.

He was in Prague because of a distance education seminar. The guy was a plumber and wanted to improve his qualification.

He definitely needed that because he had a kid on it’s way.

His girlfriend was on maternity leave so he had to man up and take care of everything.

That didn’t prevent him from having plans for tonight, he wanted to pick up chicks.

Tomas loved his girlfriend but if he got lucky, he would do it. read more

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Czech Hunter 509

CzechHunter says: My good friend called me again. He found another guy at the gym who was willing to try a threesome.

Honestly, being a fitness instructor sounds like a great way to find fuck buddies.

The dude he brought was a bit small and lean, it was clear he started working out just recently.

Goddamn, he had such a cute and innocent face! The guys didn’t have sex yet, the threesome was their first time together.

I let them undress and fondle each other while I was lying on the bed. What an amazing view. read more

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