Czech Hunter 707

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CzechHunter says: CzechHunter 707. Czechs appear to have a strong desire to work as models. This courier thought we were modeling agencies and came by after work to find out more. I was hoping for a wonderful passionate threesome because my new friend David was hanging out at my house. After our dashing courier quickly showered, we conducted a small picture session. Even more so than the vision was his bulging dick. Now that we had to undress him, I knew it would be expensive. He promised to get my cock hard because he really enjoyed money. I was so horny that it wasn’t even that difficult. It came out that this man had a mild case of bi-curiosity and had always wanted to do something similar. His wish was fulfilled. We intended to show him a variety of things. He was paid more the more he was willing to put in. That day, this adorable slut made a lot.

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