Falcon Studios – smooth Valentin Petrov and hairy chested Spencer Fox fuck in the tub

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Smooth Valentin Petrov and hairy chested Spencer Fox fuck in the tub

Falcon Studios says: Valentin Petrov stands there nude toweling himself off, after a clean and refreshing steam. Something catches his eye and he quickly becomes aroused. He sees hairy chested Spencer Fox quietly soaking away his cares in the tub. But it wasn’t just Spencer lazing about that caught his attention, but his rather large and elegant dick which really turned on Valentin’s hormones.

Seeing Valentin looking hot and bothered Spencer invites him over. Valentin wastes no time and gets busy lapping up Spencer’s huge cock, taking his hefty man sized balls in his mouth and rimming his tight manhole. The mad Russian’s tongue darts all around and deep between the Spencer’s butt cheeks. Spencer gets so excited that he quickly takes his turn to suck on Valentin’s erect cock.

He buries his face in Valentin’s crotch and nurses on his swollen 9 inch plus dick. But Valentin wants more more and like the anal whore he is positions himself right on cue to slide down onto Spencer’s eagerly awaiting dick. Valentin rides that horse cock bucking up and down, as if at the rodeo.

All the while his own hard cock swings madly from side to side. The two friends flip roles so now Valentin can plow Spencer aggressively in his tight manhole. Ready to explode, the guys beat their meat together, stroking hard and fast until Spencer and Valentin blast their loads. This unbelievably sex coupling ends with both of them satisfied, their macho passion sated, at least for now.

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