John Henry pounds Jared Marzdon’s sensitive ass hard and deep

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Broke Straight Boys says: Jared Marzdon was out roller blading and scraped up his arm, but John Henry is ready to take his mind off the pain as their mouths meet for some hot kisses, making out while they handle those dicks through their boxers.

Jared pulls John’s underwear off and exposes that fat cock, giving his balls a few good licks and kissing his way back up to John’s mouth before they 69. Jared chokes on John’s hard shaft while John rims Jared’s tight hole and his taint, running that tongue to Jared’s balls and back to that ass.

Jared straddles John and lowers his ass onto John’s long prick, letting his ass adjust to the size of that dick in him and then riding it raw until John takes charge and fucks Jared from behind.

John pounds him hard and deep and Jared’s sensitive ass has a hard time taking that dick at first, but the longer these two studs fuck, the more Jared enjoys it and starts to stroke his own cock.

With John’s bareback member deep inside him, Jared busts a huge nut and then John pulls out and makes a mess of Jared, shooting his cum across Jared’s face…an epic cumshot for a super hot scene.

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