Sneak Peak Straight English Lads Marc Bozzi, Cameron Donald and Andrew Hayden sucking uncut cocks


English Lads says: This was a shoot with a few unexpected turns, we started off with Marc planning to wank both the other lads and so after they are all stripped down, you can see Marc Bozzi playing with both Cameron Donald and Andrew Hayden and seeming to enjoy wanking them both.

Right near the beginning there is also some kissing action with both Cameron and Andrew doing some great 1st time kissing with Marc. He does seem to be a bad influence of things and he continues, filling his mouth with each of the lads and then before you know it he gobbles both Cameron’s and Andrew’s uncut cocks at the same time.

A great scene and Marc seems to be loving it. Lots of stuff happens in this shoot and Marc certainly is stepping out his shy boy beginning! Three straight lads in some fun action.



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Sneak Peek Marc Bozzi, Cameron Donald and Andrew Hayden hot straight men cocksuckers


English Lads says: This is one of those exciting shoots where a straight lad really goes for it. Marc Bozzi has an easy start, is stripped by Andrew Hayden and Cameron Donald and they wank him a little and before you know it Marc has a cock in each hand.

The lads then go on to show Marc how to suck cock, though judging at how good Marc turns out to be, it looks like we have a natural cock sucked.

Lots of uncut cocks and erections and wanking and sucking and to top it all Marc manages to suck both Cameron and Andrew at the same time.

Marc and Cameron wank each other to cum shots and the room is awash with that male smell with three straight men all shooting nice loads of cum.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


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Blond hunk Andrew Hayden gives James Welbeck big uncut cock a deep throat servicing


English Lads says: James Welbeck is back for an adventure and today he is with blond hunk Andrew Hayden who gives James a massage, giving James’s core, legs and then his big uncut cock some servicing. Andrew is also soon naked in this shoot and continues to pay James’s body lots of attention and he soon has two erect uncut cocks in his hands, James not sure when Andrew puts them together and wanks them. Some cock fighting and lots of close ups of James’s hole, throbbing erections, hairy chests, cock fighting and lots of other things happen before James lies back and lets Andrew wank him to an impressive load shoots out of his uncut cock! Good job Andrew, James seemed to enjoy his first man handling.



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