Ripped muscle stud Jayce bareback pounds Manny’s hot bubble butt ass hole

Sean Cody says: Today we welcome Jayce and Manny back after many months.

They start by discussing how they’ve managed to keep fit at home as local gyms have been closed.

They both lift their shirts to compare their ripped six-packs in an ab-off.

Jayce says, “I haven’t had any sex lately.

I’m looking forward to fucking this guy.” Manny laughs.

“Who said you were fucking me? We haven’t flipped for it yet.”

But Jayce has been waiting months to top again, and today is the day.

These vers cuties suck each other’s cocks before Jayce pounds Manny’s ass doggy style, then gives it to him in mish till they both cum at once. read more

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Young muscle boy Jess bareback fucking hottie Latino stud Hector’s tight hole

Sean Cody says: Hottie Latino hunk Hector returns with his massive dick but this time he’s bottoming, he’s on the receiving end of Jess’ huge cock.

Jess and Hector wasted no time chatting and headed straight for pound town.

We added a trampoline in the mix just to switch things up a little let’s just say trampoline sex is something everybody should try!

Even after blowing a load, cum-machine Jess didn’t give Hector a break and went in for another round. Taking it like a champ is definitely something Hector can put under his belt now. read more

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Hot versatile half Chinese bottom boy Cody Seiya strips naked jerking his big cut cock to a huge cumload

Sean Cody says: Versatile bottom boy, half Chinese, ‘half Jewish’ Cody Seiya is crazy about video gaming, reading super hero comics and watching anime.

“I swear I’m cool,” he adds.

Cody has quite a few tattoos on his young muscled body, which he keeps “pageant fit” by jumping rope and bodyweight exercises.

He shares that he’s a bit kinky, loving when guys spit in his mouth and up for trying anything once.

Cody slowly pulls off his white undershirt and pulls down his jeans, then strokes his cock and shows off his athletic frame as he talks dirty. read more

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Big muscle dude Brodie’s huge cock bareback fucking hot petit young stud Levi’s hot raw hole

Sean Cody says: You may remember when Levi first came to us, he enjoyed his solo jerk off session (here) so much that he came straight back begging for some hot anal action.

We asked him who he fancied partnering with and he was adamant that he wanted hot hunky top Brodie.

Brodie checked Levi out before they met and he commented how petit Levi was. Hmmm, I like to dominate small guys, so Levi is perfect.

It’s Brodie’s kink so he was excited to get started.

“I think I’ll just go ahead and manhandle him.” read more

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Hardcore bareback ass fucking threesome Blake, Jayden and Porter raw anal fucking orgy

Sean Cody says: Today we see three hot muscle dudes Jayden, Blake, and Porter in a hot bareback threesome.

The feeling around these guys is electric, they get along like lifelong friends, and their sexual chemistry is off the charts.

Blake heads out in the car to collect Porter and Jayden and they start to kiss as soon set off back home.

Blake quickly told the boys exactly what he wanted, “My goal today is I wanna get in the middle Where I’m getting fucked, I don’t care who’s fucking me, and I’m fucking. read more

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Hottie stud Josh’s big dick bareback fucking hairy muscle hunk Brayden’s hot raw hole

Sean Cody says: Josh is cooking up a delicious breakfast in the kitchen, while in the bedroom, Brayden is getting hungry… and horny.

Josh stimulates Brayden’s appetite by filling his mouth with some whipped cream, and then Brayden stimulates his cook by filling his mouth with Josh’s cock.

“It’s the least I can do to thank you for making breakfast, right?” Brayden flirts.

“This is a better breakfast anyway,” Josh replies, moaning as Brayden sucks him, then squirts cream all over the bottom’s hole and licks it off. read more

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Hot young muscle boy Jess’ huge raw dick bareback fucking hottie Graham’s tight bubble ass

Sean Cody says: Hot young muscle dudes Jess and Graham are already friends and know each other pretty well and have socialized quite a few times.

Their friendship is obvious and they are relaxed in each other’s company.

“Jess, what do you like about Graham?” We were curious.

“Number 1, his eyes for sure his chest, and this little happy trail here.”

Jess touched Graham’s stomach. Then we asked Graham the same thing.

“He has this magnetic personality we’re friends, it’s good!” read more

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Brandon Cody bareback fucks hot muscle dude Sean Cody Manny’s tight raw asshole

Sean Cody says: We visit Brandon Cody at his hotel room early in the morning only to find Manny is already there under the covers sucking his big cock.

We asked, “Hi Brandon did you wake up with both a morning woody and a Manny in the same bed?”

Manny interrupts his cock sucking to respond, “I mean, what other better way to wake up? Manny just kept sucking Brandon’s huge cock.

Brandon’s dick was his.

He was so aroused that he couldn’t control himself and came all over Brandon’s dick and licked it all up again. read more

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Sexy young tattooed muscle boy Bentley Bangz’s strokes his big dick as he dildos his hot ass hole

Sean Cody says: Hottie young tattooed muscle boy Bentley Bangz is up for some hot assplay.

“I love to give oral, get oral, whether it’s a boy or a girl, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Parts are parts, if I can make you cum harder, I’m gonna try!”

This handsome stud is all about the ass, and he takes his time giving his hole a good, long fucking with his favorite toy.

“I like to go nice and slow,” Bentley moans as he fucks himself on his hands and knees, then lies back so he can give his cock some attention as well. read more

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Hairy chested muscle basketball player Sebastien’s strips out of his kit jerking his big thick dick

Sean Cody says: Hairy young basketball player Sebastien is a tall dark and handsome man. He’s popular, a man that everyone wants. To top it all off Sebastien is an all-round nice guy and what’s more, he’s packing a nice big erect dick.

He’s always been a sporting dude, he grew up playing basketball, which shows when he strips off his t-shirt showing off his great muscular body. Sebastien likes to show off his skills together with his other assets.

“I like showing a few other things off as well…” Watching him play basketball with that bulge in his shorts was pretty fantastic. read more

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