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English Lads says: This was one of those warm summer days about a month ago where it was almost too hot to be wearing clothes and James Welbeck is quite happy to take his off and when down to his boxers you can see something pretty intriguing is very visible.

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English Lads says: James Welbeck is a beautifully stunning looking guy, tanned, lean and muscular, he’s super handsome and today he’s sporting a bit of facial stubble. Yes James is a masculine looking guy. We asked Andrew Hayden, a tall sporty lad, to help out with the shoot, and to lend a hand to proceedings.

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English Lads says: James Welbeck is a naturally sexy guy he’s tall and tanned, and his body is incredible very ripped lean from doing lots of sports and he has an amazing set of abs.

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English Lads says: James Welbeck is a stunning specimen of a guy he’s tall, tanned, handsome and has a great physique. He plays a lot of sport, especially football, and his body looks great as a result muscular but not over developed.

He’s a relaxed guy, smiles with ease, and the camera likes him. We’ve paired him with ex-marine Tyler Hirst who strips off with him with little encouragement, and we compare a few muscles.

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English Lads says: James Welbeck is a tall young man with a great physique, he plays a lot of football, loves the gym and works as a roofer, so all that physical activity has resulted in his big muscles and beautiful definition.

He enjoys showing off his body, and doesn’t hesitate getting naked and as his boxers come down you can enjoy his other big asset.

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