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Our fascination with celebrity and famous men knows no bounds. Even if we don’t like to admit it the comings and goings of famous male film and music stars, Hollywood leading men and the like keeps getting bigger and bigger.

For the girls they are into what they wear, what perfume (often their own brand) they spray in the morning whereas us gay guys prefer to uncover a bit more about our famous star struck cousins.

In that vain we love to see our famous men without their designer suits and hand made clothes. Yes we prefer them butt naked and showing off their prize tackle. A famous Hollywood actor or world famous male musician skinny dipping in the pool at their private lodge always draws a huge amount of attention in tabloid land.

Many column inches are reeled out giving us the ins and outs of their lives. Of course being more visual we like to see for ourselves what’s going on below the shirt line. Shirtless pictures of famous hunks might adorn the bedrooms of school aged girls but we prefer to see what is going on downstairs.

Who has the biggest dick, the bent dick or the thickest famous cock is where our interest lies. And to be fair most celebrity men play along. Think of David Beckham any gay boy’s dream date if only for his on field skills or more likely we are after Victoria’s fashion secrets.

Looking at the crop of male celebrity premium gay porn websites I can promise quite a bit of focus on David B but Victoria always seems to be out of shot.

I’ve searched the web and found the following small collection of naked celebrity men sites. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

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