Gay Vintage Classics

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Gay porn has a very long history. Gay porn studios started almost as soon as video (remember those) was invented. This allowed them to create hot sexy gay movies to accompany the top shelf publications (gay mags) which were the only place that our fathers and grandfathers could access gay naked pictures.

The gay porn industry grew on the back of this development in technology and has continued to thrive with the advent of DVD. In much the same way as Hollywood and the music industry have railed against online sharing and streaming all are coming to accept that the golden age of gay porn isn’t going to return any time soon.

For gay porn viewers, however, this is the golden age as more and more gay porn is online now that at any time in history. Gay young men and old from places as far away as India, China and Africa can now access what we in the west have enjoyed for years.

While the advent of gay porn tube sites which offer masses of free gay porn has weakened the gay porn industry many gay porn studios are re-inventing themselves. Often producing updates to their premium gay porn sites every day.

The gay vintage porn featured in the sites below harks back to that golden era (1970´s, 1980’s and 1990´s) when gay porn was new and boys and men lapped it up like water.

So enjoy these premium gay porn sites featuring vintage gay porn, the movies are very sexy and the styles of clothes and haircuts and facial hair seem to be back in fashion just now. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

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TheClassicPorn tribalmale vintagegayloops
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