Gay Military Sex and Uniforms

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There is something about a man in uniform which drives us gay guys crazy. Just one sniff of a man in khaki army gear and we are off fantasizing about the hot ‘home on leave’ sex. The thinking goes that all those horny men caged up fighting have little chance to unleash their sexual dragon anywhere except on shore leave.

The first week a military guy is back home I am sure his partner’s asshole is red raw from all the fucking. No gays in the military, well we know that isn’t true for a start. There are plenty of tales of horny gay sex under the cover of darkness or in the top bunk when no-one is about.

This crop of premium gay porn websites covers the uniformed brigade, police, firefighters, army, marine and air force. All of these gay icon’s of blue collar land. Hot gay sex in uniform make you want to sign up doesn’t it. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

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