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Icon Male says: Hot sexy young twink Andy Taylor is learning French from horny tattooed muscle hunk Chris Damned.

Chris is showering and Andy hides in the laundry basket to catch a look at his sexy French teacher naked.

But Chris is wise to his young pupil’s secret ways and smile thinking of how he will get him back.

When he is out of the shower Chris goes looking for Andy who is pretending to be asleep spreadeagled on the bed in just his tight sexy undies.

Chris rips them down exposing his cute bubble butt. Andy’s plan has worked as he kneels in front of the big muscle stud and sucks down hard on his huge thick dick. read more

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Night or Day our tops know they can unload their balls in one of our slutty bottoms

Sketchy Sex says: We are pretty organized at home and we don’t want to disappoint so we always make sure that there is at least one hot bottom at home in case we get a drive-by guy who needs to unload.

Our whore house is known throughout the city and it is how we keep a constant line of horny tops coming through.

So no matter it’s daytime or nighttime our fuckers know they can drop a load in one of us and often we are fighting to be the cum hungry slut just waiting to be fucked.

Especially when the top fucker has a huge cock then we love to be accomodating. read more

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Sexy ripped muscle stud Colton Reece’s huge raw dick bareback fucks Zario Travezz’s hot black asshole

Falcon Studios says: Lights, camera, action, it’s showtime at the Falcon Studios set for their latest porn movie and hot ripped stud Colton Reece and horny black dude Zario Travezz are naked on the bed.

They are under the lights making out and feeling each other’s ripped bodies as the still photographer clicks away and the movie camera starts capturing another hot gay porn scene.

Colton pulls apart Zario’s hairy ass cheeks and gets his tongue deep between them finally finding his hole and rimming it hard getting him lubed up for what comes next. read more

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Hot straight ripped stud Ethan Williams strips out of his tight sexy undies stroking his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: Hot ripped straight stud Ethan Williams has a beautifully lean footballer’s body with a hairy chest and a big crotch bulge.

He’s super relaxed as he strips off his t-shirt and jeans showing off his tattooed arms and rippling abs.

Ethan explains that he is super horny as he hasn’t jerked off for over a week so he is expecting some fireworks.

Also today Ethan bends over and spreads his bubble butt ass cheeks as I spank his ass with a leather paddle getting him a nice red bum. read more

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Hot straight young footballer Louis Lister strips out of his tight sexy undies jerking his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: Sexy straight football player Louis Lister has a hot ripped young body and a huge uncut dick.

As Louis strips off we see his hairy legs and as he bends over we see his hairy asshole.

As he jerks his dick, he flexes his muscles before lying back on the bed and wanks his thick uncut dick hard and fast until he sprays cum all over his abs.

Great work Louis, a massage next time?

Louis Lister garnered many new fans when he stripped out of his gym kit stroking his huge uncut cock for our sister site here. read more

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Sexy straight personal trainer Hector Doukas strips out of his sexy undies stroking his huge thick uncut dick

Fit Young Men stats: Hector Doukas – Personal Trainer – Muscular Young Hector Shows off his Athletic Physique, Age: 19 years old / Height: 5’11” / Chest: 42″ / Waist: 32″ / Weight: 78kg / Straight.



All the Fit Young Men updates right here!

Fit Young Men gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List Read the full review here

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Young big muscle boy Malik Delgaty’s huge thick dick bareback fucking hot newbie stud Dale Kuda’s hot hole says: Young big muscle boy Malik Delgaty is on a trip to visit his sexy bearded stepbro Dale Kuda at his home out of town.

Dale is being punished by his father and he’s been locked in his bedroom for two days with nothing to do but jerk off day and night.

As he explains his predicament to Malik, Malik sighs saying, “Don’t talk to me about sex. I haven’t shot my load in ages.”

Dale tells him to go-ahead and wank all you like.

So whilst Dale is on the top bunk, Malik strokes his huge dick. read more

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Ripped muscle Rugby player Sean Maygers’s huge dick bareback fucking sexy team member Eman Zod’s hot hairy asshole

Raging Stallion says: After a disappointing Rugby match lost because he made an unfortunate mistake sexy new muscled stud Eman Zod is relaxing under the hot running water of the communal team showers.

Ripped tattooed hunk Sean Maygers enters the showers and mentions the mistake, increasing Eman’s tense feelings and pissing him off mightily.

Tough muscle man Eman is not one to remain silent and he returns with a smart answer.

Sean reacts angrily pushing Eman up against the wall and forcing him down onto his knees before feeding him his huge thick dick. read more

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Straight cute dude sucks my big uncut dick first time ass fucked at Czech Hunter 561

CzechHunter says: Czech people are mad about mushrooms and people head out to the forests around Prague to search for these delicacies.

I am an avid mushroom fan so I headed out to have a nice walk in the woods searching for two of my favorite things, hot men and tasty mushrooms.

Not long after I had set off from my car I bumped into a cutie whose side job was picking and selling mushrooms.

He was originally from Russia but had moved to Prague for quite some time.

It turned out that this guy didn’t have a full-time job and he worked at several different jobs on a part-time basis. read more

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Hot tattooed muscle dude Aspen and Dakota Payne’s big raw dick flip flop bare ass fucking

Next Door Studios says: In just their tight shorts Aspen and Dakota Payne are on the bed kissing passionately feeling each other’s sexy muscular bodies.

Dakota stands as Aspen who is on all fours swallows his huge thick dick.

Dakota keeps his hand on Aspen’s head forcing his erect cock right to the back of his throat, causing him to gag as it hits home.

As Aspen keeps blowing him, Dakota reaches around running his fingers down Aspen’s ass crack and probing his hot ass hole.

Aspen sits astride Dakota’s solid erection in cowboy position as Dakota enters his hot hole getting his dick balls deep in long hard strokes. read more

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