Colby Jansen and Trent Ferris says: When Trent Ferris gets busted sneaking a midnight swim in Colby Jansen’s pool, he knows he’s fucked. Colby gets his dick fucked before pounding Trent’s tight butt.


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Johnny Diesel, Lucas Owens and Trent Ferris

Next Door Twink says: When Johnny Diesel finally enters Trent Ferris and Lucas Owens’ bedroom, he removes his shirt immediately and allows Trent to pull out his throbbing dong. Then Trent lays back to enjoy a blowjob from their guest, while Lucas smooches Trent, giving lots of birthday love.


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Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris

Next Door Twink says: When Trent Ferris notices Sam Truitt is squeezing and playing with something chubbing up in his pants, Trevor Spade asks Sam if he needs any ‘help.’ First Trent is pulling some sucking duty on Sam while Trevor fattens up Trent’s big dick.


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Mason Coxx and Trent Ferris

Extra Big Dicks says: Once Mason Coxx starts rubbing his cock it’s all over for Trent Ferris and the director is on his knees sucking that yummy cock and playing with some young balls. After they both get a tasty treat Mason bends Trent over the sofa and slowly goes deep inside with his huge thick cock.

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Lucas Owens and Trent Ferris

Next Door Twink says: Lucas Owens slides his massive boner in and out of Trent Ferris’ supple mouth, while Ace bobs on Trent’s erect knob. Before long, Ace Adams is sharing Trent’s big throbbing dick with Lucas, taking breaks so they can all kiss, of course.


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Ace Adams, Lucas Owens and Trent Ferris

Next Door Twink says: Ace Adams climbs on Trent Ferris’s dong and goes for a hard-pounding thrill ride. But Lucas Owens wants to feel Ace’s tight hole too. That’s when Trent face fucks Ace while Lucas slams his sweet ass.


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