Young stud Ryan Ledson gets a hot man on boy massage from sexy stud Joel Jenkins


English Lads says: Ryan Ledson went quiet after his first shoot and he wasn’t that keen on doing anything but a solo, but he gave into my requests to come and have a relaxing massage and who better than cheeky Joel Jenkins to show Ryan how we do massages at EL.

Ryan lies back and confesses Joel is pretty good with his hands, though before he knows it Ryan is on his front and his hole is being shown off. For a relative newbie himself Joel knows how to work it and does a great job and judging by how hard Ryan’s cock gets I think he enjoyed it a little.

These two straight lads end up wanking off each other and before you know it Joel is lying back unloading and not wanting to be left out Ryan unloads. But his cum shot is not ordinary one, the first squirt fires and hits the pillow behind him, quickly followed by a loads more all over his chest.

Wow Ryan, you know the meaning of doing a cum shot, this one must be right up there in the top 10 massive cum shots.



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Straight young man Ralph Clifford gets his big uncut cock sucked by Jack Windsor


English Lads says: Ralph Clifford is a young straight man who kept telling me he couldn’t let another lad touch his cock, so luckily today we came up with a plan.

Jack Windsor gave him a massage, it turned out Ralph is a little ticklish and so distracting him by tickling stopped him worrying about the impending helping hand.

In the end he was quite relaxed and Ralph got nice and hard. When Jack teased him about a blow job, Ralph wasn’t sure what to say and before he knew it he had agreed to not only his first manhandling but also his first man blow job.

After all this relaxation and pleasure Ralph lies back and shoots one heck of a load, loads of flying cum. Well done Ralph.



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Straight English lad Jordan Henderson jerks out a huge cumshot


English Lads says: Jordan Henderson is one of these young men who is laid back and a little shy and this is now the fourth time I have met him. The first time his Mum came along to the meeting and so we have been on quite a journey.

By now he has sort of got used to my compliments about parts of his body and he now only goes slightly red when I say what a nice uncut cock.

In the year I have known him he has grown 2 inches so he is now 6’6 and kept in proportion so both long legs and long body and a nice uncut long cock. Now used to showing off his body he treats us to lots of hole shots and it’s looking like its ready to be used.

After all this teasing and showing off his body he lies back and shoots a nice load on his abs; well done Jordan.



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Andy Mason is smooth apart from hairy legs and a semi hairy hole


English Lads says: New lad Andy Mason plays lots of football and works hard at the gym and the result is a rock hard body with great definition. He is brimming with confidence and likes showing his six pack abs, though when his boxers come down he seems to be way more comfortable modelling when naked.

I guess Andy is another of these lads who once naked and cock in hand he really relaxes. He has a nice uncut 7.5 inch cock, though we don’t see it soft for many photographs since as soon as he touches his cock it gets rock hard and erect, hardly seeing it semi, his uncut cock goes from soft through semi erect in a flash.

Andy does a great job at showing off his body, he is smooth apart from hairy legs and a semi hairy hole and after wanking and showing off his body he lies back and shoots cum everywhere; five big gushes fly through the air, a massive cum shot leaves Andy covered in jizz.

Thank you Andy, another straight lad performing perfectly.



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Jack Windsor’s willing hole get a right good pounding by Chris Little’s big uncut cock


English Lads says: A warm day, some sunshine and two horny straight men; Chris Little has been fucked by Jack Windsor a while back, so this is his return match and today he takes his job pretty serious.

Some great moments from tenderness of the kissing to great cock sucking and Jack gets fucked in some novel positions and judging by Jack’s uncut cock remaining rock hard throughout then Chris did a pretty good job.

Watch Jack’s willing hole get a right good pounding before he unloads and then gets squirted on by Chris he squirts loads of cum all over Jack. Well done guys.



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English Lads cute young lad Logan Hardy and Tyler Hirst fucking


English Lads says: Cute young lad Logan Hardy is relatively new to the site, but has progressed quickly and is showing himself to be adept at bottoming.

So we decided to pair him with muscle-bound former marine Tyler Hirst tanned, ripped and tattooed as always to come and give Logan a good seeing to.

The lads kiss and get hard in front of each other, before going down on each other and it doesn’t take long until Logan is bent over in front of Tyler I think he likes it up him.

Tyler fucks him long and hard, flips him over on to his back and pounds him some more. Logan’s balls go super tight before he shoots his load all over the bed looks like quite an orgasm.

Tyler shoots a nice load on himself and Logan too before they kiss again very hot stuff.



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Cameron Donald fucks Sam Hansworth getting his cock in his ass for the first time


English Lads says: Sam Hansworth is out to try something new today and who better to ease him into this than Cameron Donald, who starts it off with a challenge as they wrestle for who sucks cock first and who gets cock up their hole.

Cameron is pretty cocky, as at just over 86kgs he has more than 12kgs advantage over Sam. Sam doesn’t seem too disappointed in losing and so is soon sucking off Cameron and there are soon two very hard uncut cocks, full erect and in a cock fight.

Wanking and sucking behind them and Cameron shoves the purple dildo up Sam’s hole, its in and out and in and out more than I can count and Sam is looking reading for more.

So Cameron shoves in his cock and Sam gets cock for the first time in doggie, some funny faces and gentle moans and Sam is proper fucked, not complaining too much he gets it rough and firm and is soon shooting his load as Cameron wanks him off. Don’t straight lads fuck well.



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Handsome tattooed young muscle hunk Ralph Clifford


Ralph Clifford 22 years old, 5’11”, 40″, 32″, straight young man, 6 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body with tattoos. He is 22 years old, 5’11” tall, and enjoys gym & football.

English Lads says: Ralph Clifford is a sexy young lad who immediately relaxed in front of the camera and was keen to show off his body and tattoos. He’s a handsome guy, with a great build lots of muscle, and when he strips off you get to see his nice uncut cock it gets hard easily and he is obviously a guy with a thick one.

He wanks it vigorously in front of us, and also doesn’t hold back from bending over and showing us his tight, lightly hairy hole. He shoots a nice thick load over himself, what a nice mess he makes.



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Tomas Handley strips and wanks his big uncut cock


English Lads says: Tomas Handley is a lean young lad toned and heavily tattooed, this man used to be a boxer, and has body art on just about every part of his body.

He has a young face cute smile, and nice eyes. He’s not shy, and wastes no time getting out of his clothes.

He has a short beard and the hair continues on his chest, this lad keeps it natural. His uncut cock is a really nice size, and soon gets hard, especially when he starts showing off his hole, and even progresses straight on to a dildo which he gently plays with in his hole.

He must enjoy it because he shoots a really nice load right up to his nipples.



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Ricky Hampton takes a good fucking and cums with Jack Windsor still in him


English Lads says: Ricky Hampton impressed us in his last shoot where he bottomed so well that we decided to push him further and paired him with Jack Windsor who has such an enormous hard cock that we figured Ricky would well and truly be challenged by him.

We’ve been looking forward to this pairing both Jack and Ricky are loud, cheeky lads strong personalities and confident guys we figured the shoot would be a bit of a laugh.

Sure enough the guys are comfortable in each others’ company and are soon playing around with dildos and sucking each other both getting rock hard.

Jack pushes a dildo deep into Ricky’s hole, and Ricky takes it well so Jack tries his hard cock instead. And Ricky does take it, clearly the size of it means that he really does feel every inch go in.

But he takes a good fucking, and cums with Jack still in him, then Jack pulls out and splurges a nice load over himself



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Hairy young naked hunk Jonas Webber strips and jerks his huge 7 inch dick


English Lads says: Jonas Webber is a young man who plays a lot of football and MMA and he one of those lean and toned body that has a nice cover of fuzz.

This is one hairy lad and he seems slightly shy when in his clothes, though get him naked and all hints of shyness disappear and he loves playing with his uncut cock which when erect is well over 7 inches.

His uncut cock looks great when erect and it stands up high and points to the sky, Jonas loves wanking his cock and he does a great job at showing off all of his body and his very hairy hole.

A bit of wanking later and he is cumming a nice load, well done Jonas you look great with all that cum in your hair.



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Young ripped stud Joel Jenkins jerks out a huge cumload pt1


English Lads says: After retiring from modelling Joel Jenkins returns and puts on a great show, this young man’s body has developed a little more, very toned and muscular and that uncut cock of his.

It just seems to get even bigger and he was never small and he just gets harder, Joel has an amazing cock that once it’s out in the fresh air he gets hard real quick and stays rock hard.

Joel enjoys showing off his body and today’s shoot could be best described as a bum bonanza with loads of great positions and after all this teasing he lies back and shoots a nice load on his abs.

Joel has promised to come back and be with someone else in his next shoot.



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Sneak preview English Lads muscled naked young man James Welbeck jerks his long uncut dick


English Lads says: James Welbeck is tall well built young man, very handsome, with a light stubble and dark hair, he does loads of gymming and sport, which results in a really well defined body.

He has muscled legs and a great upper body and smooth chest. The real smile comes on to your face when he takes off his boxers he has a very big uncut dick.

A very long and thick uncut cock which just grows and grows as he gets hard he’s also happy to pull back his legs and show off his tight virgin ass hole, such a sexy sight.

And it looks like James has been building it up, because when he cums he shoots a massive thick load over his tightened abs, and up to his chest.



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Ricky Hampton gets fucked for first time by Jason Connor’s very big uncut cock


English Lads says: Well Ricky Hampton has been on quite a journey, last time we saw him he wanted to give fucking a go and today he said he was up for getting fucked.

Now when a straight lad tells you that, you don’t hang around, you get him sat on a cock just as quick as you can. So today he has a play with Jason Connor’s very big uncut cock, sucks its great and before you know it he is on all fours getting his hole fingers with several of Jason’s fingers.

Ricky is soon sitting down on Jason’s massive uncut cock and it’s only a couple of minutes before he has rather greedily gobbled up the whole thing.

The lads fuck in some great positions and Ricky gets fucked and fucked again and manages to shoot his load while getting it in spoons before lending a hand and jerking off Jason’s big cock until he also cums. Wow, did we just discover a new power bottom.



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Sneak Peak Straight English Lads Marc Bozzi, Cameron Donald and Andrew Hayden sucking uncut cocks


English Lads says: This was a shoot with a few unexpected turns, we started off with Marc planning to wank both the other lads and so after they are all stripped down, you can see Marc Bozzi playing with both Cameron Donald and Andrew Hayden and seeming to enjoy wanking them both.

Right near the beginning there is also some kissing action with both Cameron and Andrew doing some great 1st time kissing with Marc. He does seem to be a bad influence of things and he continues, filling his mouth with each of the lads and then before you know it he gobbles both Cameron’s and Andrew’s uncut cocks at the same time.

A great scene and Marc seems to be loving it. Lots of stuff happens in this shoot and Marc certainly is stepping out his shy boy beginning! Three straight lads in some fun action.



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Straight young athlete Tyler Pierce jerks his huge 8 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Straight young athlete Tyler Pierce is back for a play in the sunshine and its warm enough for him to shed quickly those clothes and be standing naked for us to enjoy his fantastically muscled body with great muscle definition.

Just when you thought you had seen enough large muscles, his uncut cock flops into view and he is at least 6 inches when soft.

A little play and his juicy uncut cock rears up to well over 8 inches and stands proud. Today you can enjoy lots of Tyler’s almost hair free hole as he exposes it to lots of sunshine.

After showing off his body so well, he lies back and wanks his big meat and shoots an impressive load on his abs and chest and arm. Well done Tyler.



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Jack Windsor grabs Tomas Handley’s cock and within seconds he has a huge erection


English Lads says: Tomas Handley is back for his second shoot and today this young straight man jumps in at the deep end. Both lads have done quite a bit of boxing, so a perfect start with a bit of sparring and before you know it they pull off each other’s boxers and carry on nude.

Jack Windsor then grabs Tomas’s cock and within seconds he is handling an erection. Tomas doesn’t seem to mind the attention and decides to grab Jack’s uncut big cock which is also soon very hard.

Looking like he needs another experience the lads spar some more with erections before Jack drops to his knees and gives Tomas a blow job. Now that makes Tomas go real weak at the knees, just ask him now does a man or a woman give the best head?

After all this playing the lads lie back and wank each other off, Tomas unloading an absolute massive load with way more than six big and long squirts of cum all over the place. Balled drained, completely, Tomas returns the favour and wanks off Jack.



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Tomas Farago lies back and shoots an impressive load over his abs and chest


English Lads says: Tomas Farago is a young man from Hungary and the four first letters of his home country are quite significant. He has an athletic body from loads of football from when he was in his teens and the last few years he is more inclined to work out at the gym.

A few of his clothes come off and you can see his hairy body and what great muscles with fine definition. He loves to tease and flirt with the camera and once he drops his boxers he becomes even more flirty.

Tomas has one huge uncut cock, he is over 8 inches long and nearly 7 inches round. This is one thick piece of Hungarian meat and Tomas loves wanking it on camera.

His hair has started to grow and his chest is starting to get real hairy and when he shows you his hairy hole you can enjoy the light dusting of hair, just right, surrounding, rather than hiding anything.

After lots of wanking Tomas lies back and shoots an impressive load over his abs and chest.



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Chris Little fucked by Jon Angus’ big 9 inch uncut cock


Chris Little is a straight english lad with a 6.5 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body. He is 19 years old, 5’11” tall, and enjoys diving & rugby.

Jon Angus is a gay english lad with a 9 inch erect uncut cock and a swimmer, smooth body. He is 22 years old, 6’4” tall, and enjoys swimming.

English Lads says: Just in case those of us in cold places, like England right now, have forgotten what it feels like to be warmed in the sun, then look no further than this shoot.

Gay lad Jon Angus, with a massive 9 inch uncut and extra thick cock gives it to straight lad Chris Little; though it must be said when you see him slide up and down this huge rocket you might be forgiven for thinking he isn’t looking very straight today.

The two lads have a lot of fun and Jon is pretty cocky so he spends quite a bit of time teasing the straight lad about getting fucked and seeming to love it.

As usual Chris shoot a real massive load of cum, a cock up his bum, especially a big one and this always happens.

Jon pulls his cock out and kisses Chris and seconds later he dumps a pretty impressive load of cum. Not a bad ride for Chris, anyone that can ride and take all of Jon is quite something.



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Cameron Donald is the first guy to touch Marc Bozzi’s big uncut cock


English Lads says: Marc Bozzi is a young man who likes showing off his body and today he lets Cameron Donald be the first lad to touch that finely tuned physique and grab a handful of his uncut cock.

The shoot starts off quite teasy, Marc lies back and enjoys being massaged, he is unsure a guy should be touching his uncut cock, but after some reassuring touches he relaxes, his cock grows and once erect he really relaxes.

Cameron gives Marc a right good tough massage and gives Marc a really good wanking and judging at how erect Marc is he is looking to be really enjoying himself.

Lots of bum showing and Marc becomes less shy about showing off that slightly hairy hole. Cameron keeps wanking Marc and before long he is unloading over his abs.

Well done Marc, you didn’t do a thing this shoot, but performed perfectly.



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Straight young hunk Ricky Hampton fucks his first guy Josh Hathaway


English Lads says: We haven’t seen straight lad Josh Hathaway for a few months and I thought who better than to fuck him than newer lad Ricky Hampton who fucks his first guy.

What a great job he does, he is always up for a good time and he strips and sucks Josh before bending him over and shoving a dildo up Josh.

He does a great job at breaking in Josh again, though before long Josh is getting Ricky’s long and thick uncut cock in doggie and judging by how hard Josh stays, I think Ricky’s cock is reaching the right spot.

The lads do some great fucking and there are some fantastic shots of Josh’s erection bouncing up and down as he rides Ricky.

After lots of fucking Josh unloads all over his leg and before long Ricky explodes, shooting cum over his head! Wow I think they both enjoyed this.



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Logan Hardy can’t help but get hard because he’s being watched


English Lads says: Logan Hardy is a baby-faced lad, he looks innocent and cute, but when he gets naked I think there’s a naughty side to him. His body is muscled with a well built upper body, great lats and chest, really nice definition and a nice 6 pack. He’s smooth almost all over.

He tries a couple of pieces of underwear for us, and can’t help but get hard because he’s being watched his uncut cock is nice and big, and goes rock solid, and his large balls dangle enticingly. He wanks for us, teasing his cock and bell end it refuses to do anything other than point to the ceiling.

Logan isn’t shy about showing us his hole smooth too, and he pushes his finger inside and clearly likes the feeling. He looks pretty good on all fours.

When he cums his muscles all tenses, and his balls and cock twitch, and suddenly there’s a big mess all over his abs.




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Sneak Peak hairy chested young muscle boy Jonas Webber jerks his 7 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Jonas Webber is a young man who plays a lot of football and MMA and he one of those lean and toned body that has a nice cover of fuzz.

This is one hairy lad and he seems slightly shy when in his clothes, though get him naked and all hints of shyness disappear and he loves playing with his uncut cock which when erect is well over 7 inches.

His uncut cock looks great when erect and it stands up high and points to the sky, Jonas loves wanking his cock and he does a great job at showing off all of his body and his very hairy hole.

A bit of wanking later and he is cumming a nice load, well done Jonas you look great with all that cum in your hair.




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Patrick West jerks his cock real hard gushing a nice load of cum over his abs


English Lads says: Patrick West is a young man who plays football and goes a lot to the gym and as a result has one of those ripped bodies with nice size muscles and the odd tattoo.

He has started to enjoy showing off his body, as he strips and steps out of his boxers, his uncut cock rises up into a very stiff erection.

One of those cocks that can’t move once he is hard, since it’s just solid. Patrick enjoys showing off his body, is pretty hair free, only a little on his legs and hardly any round his hole.

After showing off his body he lies back and pumps his cock real hard and gushes a nice load of cum over his abs. Great job Patrick, you wank as well as you sing.



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Sexy 23 year old Jenson Shaw jerks his 8 inch uncut cock to a huge cum explosion


English Lads says: Jenson Shaw is a young man with a toned physique largely from all the sports and boxing training since he is quite the demon in the ring and as we can see he is quite as flash on set, especially when stood naked with his monster uncut erection stood proud.

His uncut penis comes out of his boxers and its immediately rock hard, Jenson is easy to arouse and his erection stands up high and tall with a beautiful 8 inches of meat, pulsing to the beat of his heart.

Jenson enjoys showing off his body, its hair free, except his legs and a little fuzz round that hole. Lots of bum, lots of cock and it all ends with an impressive cum shot, Jenson explodes cum and jizzes it all over himself.



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Jonas Webber’s huge uncut dick sucked and jerked by Chris Little


English Lads says: Straight lad Jonas Webber is certainly up for having his boundaries tested and today he came along for a massage and the shoot went on a completely different track.

Naughty Chris Little took control and stripped Jonas and grabbed his cock, no teasing and Jonas’s cock came straight up to attention. So he then ends up wanking Chris and the lads are having a lot of fun working together.

Chris then pretends to suck off Jonas, who doesn’t resist so Chris goes for it and gorges himself on Jonas’s very hard throbbing uncut erection.

Jonas has his legs in the air and is being fully compromised, so he doesn’t mind too much! After so much action the lads lie back and shoot nice loads of cum.



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Sneak peak straight men Tyler Hirst, Aaron Janes, Wesley Seaton and Cameron Donald sucking big uncut dicks


English Lads says: These four straight young men have been enrolled in an art class. Cameron is the model to start with, the 3 potential artists are all, hunky handsome straight lads sketching in just their sexy tight underwear.

Needless to say the actual drawing is soon put aside and the messing around starts there’s a sneaky banana used, and then before you know it all the young men have their pants off with each other either sucking or wanking when all are solid you’ll see four of the hottest guys sword-fighting with their cocks.

Both Cameron Donald and Tyler Hirst are happy on their knees sucking Aaron Janes and Wesley Seaton, and there’s plenty of straight ass showing too all four leaning over for us When the cum shots arrive, you can tell the glass table is going to get messy.

The four lads take it in turns to splatter the table with their loads leaving it straight guy cum all over it.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


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Sam Hansworth’s long uncut cock fucks Logan Hardy’s virgin straight ass


English Lads says: Well here is an interesting journey; Logan Hardy did a solo shoot and played a little with his hole and when I teased him about filling it he didn’t say no.

So this young straight man went from teasing his hole to getting it filled. Who better to try something new than straight boy Sam Hansworth who fucks his first guy today.

They both do an exceptional job, rock hard uncut cocks all the way through and Logan managed to cope with Sam’s not only long uncut cock, but its pretty dam thick and Logan rode it like an old hand.

He shot quite a lot of cum, so I think it is another of those shoots where the big lads cock rubbed the straight lads pleasure spot.



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Joey Barton wanks his first cock sucks his 1st cock and kisses a guy lucky Chris Little


English Lads says: Joey Barton is back for an adventure and he is one quite the trek today. Naughty Chris Little teased him about kissing as he wasn’t keen and before you know it they lads were at it real passionate and from there they didn’t need any direction.

It was a hot day and uncut cocks were very quick rock hard and after wanking each other, Chris is on his knees showing Joey how straight men suck cock. After the masterclass Joey sucks his very first cock and it looks like he is pretty good.

Both lads are rock hard through the shoot, loads of kissing, some great hole exposure and these two treat each other to each other’s cum, Chris unloading all his over Joey’s face and neck.

Joey returns the favour and we have two straight lads covered in each others’ cum. Great shoot Joey, wanked your first cock; sucked your 1st cock and kissed a guy. Not a bad run of firsts.



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Liam Burlington is jerked off by Ricky Hampton shooting a huge load of young muscle boy cum


English Lads says: Liam Burlington is back being top today, though paired with straight stud Ricky Hampton we are probably in for quite a journey. Its usually Liam who is the cocky one, but he hasn’t met Ricky, who is the master of cockiness and judging by the shoot he is also master of getting fucked.

The lads mess about competing to get each others boxers off and before you know it they are wrestling naked and Ricky is on his knee getting a load of Liam’s uncut cock.

They manage a great bit of 69’ing before Liam give Ricky a right rough dildoing and slams up his own cock so Ricky hardly has time to know what’s happening.

Ricky gets a good rough fuck, looks like he is loving it and when you see his cum shot, might suggest he enjoyed his rough handling, more than a little.

Not to be out done Liam lies back and is jerked off by Ricky and shoots his own impressive load of cum! Wow, straight lads doing what they do best.



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Sneak peak English Lads nice hard uncut cocks Chris Little soon slides his very hard erection up Josh Hathaway’s ass


English Lads says: Over a year ago we planned to get these two together and its taken a long while, seemed like a natural partnership since naughty Chris Little is always so horny and Josh Hathaway loves a right good fucking.

So here we have it, a bit of teasing and the lads are soon sucking off each other, two nice hard uncut cocks and Chris is soon sliding his very hard erection up Josh’s ass.

Josh takes a deep breath and is soon enjoying every inch of Chris. Chris is usually the one getting fucked and today shows how good he is at exercising a lad’s ass hole.

Josh is first to blow and unloads quite a load of cum. Chris pulls out and explodes, Josh unable to believe how much cum covers him. Great jobs lads.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


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Ricky Hampton’s huge uncut dick pumps Jack Windsor’s ass hard and deep


English Lads says: Both Ricky Hampton and Jack Windsor are fun guys, both up for a bit of messing round they’re good looking straight lads, and both have definitely bigger than average uncut cocks.

We’ve paired them together before (and Ricky gets it), this time its Jacks turn to take it from Ricky. The guys fool around together in a fun shoot clothes are off, and both are soon down on each other’s cocks sucking and 69ing, and showing off bums.

Before long Jack is bending over and Ricky is pushing his hard uncut cock into him, and then fucking him every which way until Jack shoots a massive thick load over his leg while Ricky is in him, then Ricky shoots and sprays himself all over with his load, so hot.



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English Lads fit young athletic muscle stud Damian Willaby wanks his huge uncut cock


English Lads says: Damian Willaby is a fit young athlete who plays lots of sports, more recently muay thai so he one of those bodies with all muscles defined, very strong logs and quads and a smooth and muscular chest with broad shoulders.

Seems like the sports have not only sculpted his fine body, but his cock is also big and strong, stands up tall and rock hard, an uncut cock that looks great soft of erect.

Damian enjoys showing off his body, his only hairy parts are very hairy legs and a slight fuzz round his hole. He enjoys his wank on camera and after all the working out he lies back and squirts a big load over his chest.

Another straight lad happy to come and show us his great body.



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Sexy young naked man Jamie McGrath jerks his 7 inch uncut cock


English Lads says: Jamie McGrath is a young straight man, builder by day, boxer by night and all that activity has created a fine athletic body with a sprinkling of hair in all the right places.

As he drops his jeans there is a nice shapely bulge in his boxers and what a great uncut cock, Jamie hangs long when soft and when his cock grows he has a fine erection, one of those cocks of steel that stands up high and hard and pretty chunky.

Quite a handful Jamie shows off his cock real well and doesn’t disappoint when he shows his hole, it slightly hairy and not so much as a girlfriends finger having been up it.

After a nice wanking session he lies back and shoots some impressive squirts, one landing on his neck. Well done Jamie and impressive photo shoot and happy ending to die for.



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Aaron Janes’ huge uncut cock is sucked off by Cameron Donald


English Lads says: Aaron Janes was a little unsure letting a lad touch his cock, but today he is a lot more relaxed about being wanked off and letting a lad suck his cock for the first time, just watch what happens.

He is clearly getting enormous pleasure from a blow job and Cameron Donald does a great job at keeping Aaron in some heights of pleasure. After so much fun Cameron helps Aaron show off his slightly hairy hole and it gets some great exposure.

Cameron sucks some more on Aaron, who just pulls faces of pleasure and its not long before he is wanked off to an amazing cum shot, Aaron shooting it all over his chest, neck and arms. Wow that was quite an explosion, not a bad effort for his 1 man blow job.



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Keen footballer Tristan Thompson jerks his 7.5 inch uncut cock


English Lads says: Tristan Thompson is a keen footballer and has a very toned body; his rock hard abs are sprinkled with hair and when he pulls down his boxers you can see his cock is just as perfect as the rest of his muscles.

He has great thighs and glutes and shows them off perfectly with a few dips so you can enjoy his thighs. After all this working out it is time to grab hold of his uncut cock and before you know it Tristan is working his uncut cock into one solid erection that is throbbing to the touch.

He continues to show off his body, his hole is quite hairy and he can’t show it enough. Atfer all that foreplay Tristan lies back, pumps his uncut cock and it shoots loads, he squirts plenty of cum all over the place.

Well done Tristan, we love a straight lad who is so relaxed about showing off his body.



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Liam Burlington strips downs to his socks and sexy underwear before jerking his huge uncut dick


English Lads says: Liam Burlington is a confident young footballer, not long turned eighteen he is one of those models that steers the shoot, just by being Liam and the way he answers, just a hint of cockiness that makes him stand out from the crowd.

He knows how to work a camera, he does lots of these subtle little things with his eyes and hands and generally most of his body as once he sees you acknowledge these things he plays up more.

All his football has given his a great body, this lad is really tall and once naked you can enjoy that long uncut cock that spends most of its time rock hard.

Not shy about showing off his hole, he is soon stuffing it with a dildo and pumping it, though it’s pretty soon clear he is getting loads of pleasure, so much so that he cums and surprises himself.

Since he shot his load so soon Liam had a few minutes break and then stick the dildo back in and goes for it again.

I love it when this happens, first toy action and it rubs his prostate, something he is now going to enjoy so much for the rest of his life, that g-spot has been awakened.



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Sexy Dan Fellows’ strips naked shows off his ripped six pack abs and huge 8 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Dan Fellows is a striking young lad, he’s very tall, and muscular he plays a lot of sport, and that, along with his handsome face, blonde hair, and flirty nature mean that he’s an incredibly engaging guy.

His blue eyes grab your gaze get your mind wondering. His body is largely smooth, and he’s incredibly confident as he shows off his developed upper body, strong legs, and nice size cock.

He soon gets hard and wanks for us, even sitting back on the sofa and pulling his legs back to show us his lightly hair hole, before shooting thick cum all over his tightening abs.

Nice show, Dan, if all his brothers are like him, then the imagination goes wild.



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Jack Windsor sucks Tom Sutcliffe’s hung 9 inch dick for the first time


English Lads says: Tom Sutcliffe is a big lad, standing tall at 6’4 and with big muscles you can’t miss this straight man and as Jack finds out every one of his muscles are big.

Jack Windsor looks into Tom’s boxers and can’t believe what he sees, Tom is hung with at least a 9 inch huge dick erection and its chunky. Jack strips Tom and its great watching their interaction; as you’d expect Tom is more than a hint outside of him comfort zone, though his uncut cock is soon throbbing to Jack’s touch and he starts to enjoy the attention.

Just as he gets used to a man touching his cock, Jack is soon sucking Tom’s massive uncut cock, even Jack is struggling to get that all down.

After all this attention Tom lies back and lets Jack pump his cock to an impressive unloading, shooting cum all over the place. Well done Tom, you went for it today.



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Sneak Peak Aaron Janes heads outdoors to jerk his huge uncut dick in the woods


English Lads says: Handsome young guy Aaron Janes has managed to find a secluded piece of countryside, and decided to lay himself down in the grass and with half an eye on passers-by pleasure himself. There’s no doubting Aaron is a good looking lad, and has a great athletic body.

Today he’s got some stubble but looks all the more handsome for it. He’s a little nervous about being in public, but soon has his hands down his shorts and plays with his uncut cock.

Soon he’s laying on his back in the grass, shirtless, shorts at his ankles. He moves to a wooded area (who knows what he will find!) to finish wanking, and cums over himself.



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Straight young football player Jason Denby gets naked and jerks his huge uncut cock


English Lads says: Jason Denby is a young straight man who teaches football and with one of those typical footballer bodies, he looks great as his kit comes off. He is tall and lean with good definition and strong footie player legs.

As his clothes come off he becomes more cheeky and once naked he definitely has a naughty side, he loves playing with his cock and showing it off on camera, in fact his cock gets so hard and he is so turned on he has to stop wanking all the time to prevent an early ending.

His uncut cock gets very hard and stands up high looking like a rocket ready to fire. He is happy to show off his hole, lots of shots of a slightly hairy hole that he shows in some great positions. After teasing himself for a while he lies back and unloads, dumping a nice load on his abs.



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Straight young dude Adam Lewis jerks his huge uncut dick


English Lads says: Adam Lewis is a personal trainer who likes taking off his clothes and when you discover how hung he is it’s not surprising Adam is comfortable to be naked. When naked his soft uncut cock seems a normal size, but when he pumps it up a little it’s clear its quite the grower.

When soft he is around 4 inches and when erect his erection throbs at around 9 inches. Adam does a great job at showing off his quads, they look their best when he is bent forward and we are looking at him from behind, his quads look great and anyone wants to see his hairy hole gets a great view.

After all this teasy wanking and showing off his body has made Adam quite horny, he lies back and unloads his cum on his abs. Another straight young man with a massive cock, happy to show us his technique.



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Powerful young bodybuilder Jake Kelly strips naked and jerks his solid uncut cock


English Lads says: Jake Kelly has come along way from doing his first shoot where he didn’t want to take off his boxers.

Today he is quick to pull them down and show off his very hairy hole and his body, well that has changed a lot in the time I have known him and at just 19 he has managed to build up into quite a powerful young bodybuilder.

He used to be shy about removing his boxers, but now embraces being naked and that lovely uncut cock of his shows off by itself, since his cock spends most of its time rock solid and as erect as a cock can be.

Jake does a great job at showing off his body and is not shy about his very hairy hole. He is soon on his back unloading cum on his hairy abs. Well done Jake.



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Young sexy straight man Wesley Seaton jerks his huge cock


English Lads says: Wesley Seaton is a young man who has one of those young faces, but check out his body and you’d think he is mid 20’s. For a lad who has just turned 20 he is a fantastic example of how you can look with the right genes and having played lots of sports for over 10 years.

This rugby hunk has lovely round muscles and naked you can enjoy his equally lovely uncut cock, which does getting hard really easy. Wes is just as relaxed naked as in his clothes and no wonder when you have such a body.

Once his uncut cock is in his hand he struggles to leave it alone, managing for a short while to stop wanking and show off his slightly hairy hole.

After lots of wanking Wes lies back and shoots on his abs. Wow another great example of prime British beef.



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Sneak peek shy boy Jenson Shaw jerks his huge uncut erection to a massive cumload


English Lads says: Young lad Jenson Shaw is slightly shy, but he likes the idea of showing off his body and what a great body this young man has under his clothes.

He believes he is just another average lad with average body and we know a little different. He has a nice size body, just perfect size muscles and really good definition and to top it off he is hairy and has a nice big uncut cock that gets real hard.

Jenson gets quite animated in the shoot and does a great job at showing off and lets us see that hairy hole and lies back and shoots a massive wad of cum.



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