Gay Public Sex and Glory Holes

What is it about open air gay sex. Whether it is a youthful gay schoolboy fondle behind the bike sheds to a full blown fuck fest underneath the stars the reality is that we just love the buzz and adrenalin rush that comes from outdoor sex.

I guess it is the thought that we might be seen, or worse caught out by some unsuspecting passerby. Better still that errant onlooker might turn out to be Sexy Muscle Boy from Grindr who’s keen to join in and enjoy the gay sex party.

Whatever the circumstances when you gotta fuck sometimes it is now or never. I’ve had sex outdoors many times and a couple of times when it wasn’t expected. Like when during my teenage fumblings I accidentally knocked the roof catch on a very sporty little BMW. Needless to say it was only when we felt the cold chill around our sweaty balls that we realized we were going loco outdoors.

Luckily for us it was before the time of youTube and smart phones so there was never any chance of us landing in hot water as a result of the video being posted online. Nowadays I am not so sure there are plenty of premium gay porn sites that go searching for just this sort of encounter only for it all to be relayed via streaming to the wider populace.

So be warned outdoor sex is all well and good as long as it is away from prying eyes. Or if you are a total exhibitionist then do it anywhere you are likely to get caught and enjoy the consequences of your randy adventure.

After all plenty of Hollywood stars have been caught with their pants down in public toilets or in the bushes. As i said when you got to fuck you got to fuck.

So here I have gathered the best premium gay porn sites from around the globe focusing on outdoor gay hardcore sex.

Oh I forgot to mention the sexy encounters that can be had anonymously via locally known glory holes. Of course these started off with holes being drilled into the walls between the stalls of public toilets.

Originally for the unsuspecting to be spied on by their curious horny neighbors looking to jerk themselves into a frenzy at the sight of bare buttocks or maybe even a super large dick pissing.

There is even a smartphone app that locates all the local glory holes worldwide so even traveling salesmen can get their rocks off without fear or favor.

So once again I say enjoy yourselves out there and if you can’t get out and about then try some of these premium gay porn sites that I’ve sampled from the vast array of offerings out there in internet land. Cheers My Gay Porn List.

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