21 year old tradie Mark Michaels strips naked jerking his big boy cock to a massive jizz orgasm

Bentley Race says: During my recent visit to Sydney I got to meet this straight guy called Mark Michaels. Mark is a 21 year old tradie from the suburbs of Sydney. He told me that he was interested in getting in to making porn.

But with few avenues for straight guys to get in to porn in Australia, he contacted me about doing some solo modelling on Bentley Race. I’m glad he did because Mark is a really nice guy, and very handsome.

I hadn’t planned on doing any shoots in Sydney during that trip so I had to shoot the whole thing using just point and shoot cameras. I’m surprised that the shots and his video still turned out so well. And I wasn’t going to miss getting this shoot with Mark.

He was a bit nervous during the shoot. But he was absolutely fine. He made a quick solo jacking video on the bed and I followed him to the shower to catch him soaping up before ending the shoot. I like Sydney straight guys a lot.

They are very laid back about getting naked and being photographed. Some of them really get off on it. Mark seems to be very popular on the site since I started posting his stuff yesterday. He has already asked about when we are going to shoot again.

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Naked young dudes Valentin Defarge and Caleb Knight ass fucking in every position possible

Bentley Race says: I finally got together my horny mates Valentin Defarge and Caleb Knight for this shoot during the last days of summer in Australia. It was still hot outside so we headed out to my rooftop while these guys got acqainted.

There’s loads of teasing and kissing between Val and Caleb as they strip each other naked on the roof. I got loads of great shots, and then the guys ended the shoot with a super soaker naked water fight on the roof. And now that they were cooled down, we headed back to the studio where Val wanted to ride Caleb’s fat cock.

It was so hot filming these guys fucking on all different positions before blowing cum on each other. It’s gotta be one of the best sex scenes I have shot this year.

I have shot a lot of other videos with Val and Caleb, this is one of the best. And what a nice way to say goodbye to summer.

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Sexy young Hungarian dude Jeffry Branson strips naked and jerks his big uncut European dick

Bentley Race says: Even though we live at different sides of the planet, Jeffry Branson from Hungary has become a good mate and a regular model here at Bentley Race. I caught up with him again on my mid-winter vacation in Budapest.

I first spotted Jeffry in a porn scene for one of the big American studios. I was really excited when he agreed to come and model for me. Jeffry is very beautiful and a really sweet guy. He is straight in his personal life, but you will see that he has done gay sex scenes in the past.

He is very open minded and friendly. We had a lot of fun hanging out in Budapest and making videos with him and some of his mates. Today Jeffry is showing off that big boner again. I told him he looks like a lumber jacket with the beard and checked flannel shirt.

I love taken Jeffry’s photos. He has such gorgeous eyes. We finished this shoot with Jeffry blowing his load after a crazy fleshlight fucking session on the bed. I’m hoping to shoot a lot more with my sexy mate again later this year.

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Sexy young boy 20 year old Mick Petrov filmed jacking his fat cock

Bentley Race says: So far this year I have already filmed with loads of new guys as well as met up with some of my old mates from around the world. One of the sexy men I met last year in Europe was 20 year Bulgarian Mick Petrov. During my recent visit to Berlin I caught up with Micky again.

He is looking super fit and is always happy to model for me. I got him around to my hotel room for this quick mid-winter shoot. Micky always looks so serious when he’s getting photographed so I was trying to make him smile as we worked through the shoot.

I remember he was really nervous when we did the first shoot. But this time he was much more relaxed. We quickly got the photos out of the way so I could film him jacking that fat cock. I get to play with it a little in this video too. Micky is one very sexy boy.

I’m hoping he will get in making a larger variety of videos when we meet again. In the meantime you can check out all of Micky’s videos now loaded at BentleyRace.

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Sexy muscle daddy Romain Deville and Luc Dean hardcore anal fuck

Bentley Race says: I have shot some really hot scenes over this Australian summer, and I didn’t even have to think about hooking up my mates Romain Deville and Luc Dean. I knew for a long time that I wanted to get these guys together. So as soon as Romain returned from Sydney I got the guys together on this hot day out on my roof.

The guys were all over each other as we climbed the stairs to the top of my building. I managed to get loads of photos as the guys made out and stripped each other naked on the roof. It was getting pretty dam hot out there as the guys poured water over each others naked bodies.

I suggested we head back to the cool studio where we could film the rest of their first nude meeting. Romain is a pretty rough fucker so I’m not sure Luc knew what was about to happen. The fucking in this scene is fierce from our hung daddy Romain.

Luc cops it from all angles as Romain can’t get enough of riding Luc’s pretty white bum. It all ended in a sweaty mess as Luc licks up Romain’s reaming cum. What a perfect way to spend one of the last days of summer in Australia.

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20 year old Michael Prado strips naked and jerks his huge uncut dick

Bentley Race says: I’m catching up on posting all the great guys I met during my trip to Europe and the US earlier this year. I met 20 year old Michael Prado during my short stay in New York. I thought he looked cute in the photos he had emailed me two weeks earlier.

Michael had never done anything like this before and wanted to try it out. Being a straight guy he was a bit nervous about getting naked and getting off in front of another guy. But as the shoot progressed it turned out that he had no problem at all.

As well as being majorly cute, Michael is pretty fit. He tells me he likes playing football, which would explain his muscular thighs. But it also turns out that Michael is very hung too. I got a surprise when he uncovered his growing big uncut dick.

We ended our afternoon hanging out together with Michael jacking off on the bed while I filmed him. I like Michael a lot, he’s a really sweet guy. I’m looking forward to doing more shoots with him when I get over to the US again.

In the meantime I hope he will check out doing more modelling over there. Michael is one of the many straight guys joining our growing group of naked mates.

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Polish gay porn star Oscar Wood jerks his very big fat cock

Bentley Race says: I finally got to meet up with Polish porn star Oscar Wood during my recent visit to Berlin. I had been talking to this guy for a long time after one of our mutual mates suggested we get together. I had already seen some of Oscar’s hot sex videos and couldn’t wait to get him in front of the camera.

As well as being very polite and handsome, Oscar has got a very big fat dick. Which of cause brings him to the front of the line of guys waiting to get on Bentley Race. Back up in my studio I immediately got to work with my new mate.

Oscar started stripping on the couch while I took loads of photos. I also noticed that he has very nice blond hairy legs which extends right up and over his bum cheeks. He found it funny that I was spending so much time photographing his bum, when he massive erection was demanding attention on the other side.

I also got to play with Oscar a little during his video. I couldn’t wait to play with that big dick. I suspect Oscar will be making regular appearances on Bentley Race when I visit Europe again.

He’s a really nice and friendly guy, and very hot in bed.

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Mates Sam Sivahn and Jesse Carter strip each other naked and get wet on the roof

Bentley Race says: I have been shooting loads of outdoor stuff with my mates here in Melbourne. These guys get really turned on when they are getting naked out on my roof. Sam Sivahn and Jesse Carter, the horny mates from down south are back this week having some fun in their footy gear on the roof.

Sam kept joking about how tight his shorts were. Even Jesse couldn’t get his hands in there. Well it didn’t matter much because they were getting naked pretty quickly. After giving each other a drenching during a naked water flight we headed back to the studio where Sam gets raw fucked on the couch.

These guys love putting on a hot show. And I was there to record every bit of it. Jesse and Sam have quickly become regulars on the site this summer. And they will be back soon getting in to some more hot action with my other mates.

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Aussie boy Luc Dean with our French mate Val Defarge hardcore anal fuck

Bentley Race says: One of the most fun shoots so far this summer is the match up of Aussie boy Luc Dean with our French mate Val Defarge. The guys had already been planning what they were going to do in this shoot well before the day we all met up.

What they didn’t know was that the shoot was going to start out on my rooftop. They were so excited when we all met up and headed out to the roof. And things went a little more wild than I had expected. Luc and Val were so dam horny.

As soon as they started kissing, they had hands all over each other. I had to keep stopping them so I could get the photos. These are some of the hottest shots I’ve taken on the roof. Afterwards we headed back to the studio where I could film the guys stripping off and fucking.

The sex session left my two sexy mates in a big sweaty mess. I couldn’t have predicted that this match up was going to go so well. I am already planning their next shoot.

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Young 19 year old Polish dude Justin Evans strips naked and jerks his huge uncut dick

Bentley Race says: I was really happy to see my mate Justin Evans during my recent visit to Germany. Just had a long break away from modelling last year after a very serious accident. I’m really happy to see him recovered and getting fit again.

We hung out together for a few days in Berlin doing lots of shopping, eating and shooting. Here is Justin showing off back at my hotel room. Even though it was a fairly dark day in the city, the photos and his jack off video came out really nice. I like shooting with Justin a lot.

He did his first shoot when we met in Berlin in 2013 when he was just 19 years old. Now the Polish twink lives in Germany and loves showing off on camera. He’s got a big following for the sexy selfie shots he takes.

I will post more of the other shoots we did in the coming weeks.

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Sexy Australian young dude James Nowak strips off his sports kit and jerks out a huge jizz orgasm

Bentley Race says: I’m really excited to report that my hot straight mate James Nowak is back getting naked on camera again. The sexy 26 year old Aussie took a long break last year to nurse a gym injury. He was worried that he wasn’t look fit enough for this shoot.

I told him that he’s looking as hot as ever! For his return shoot last month I was getting James to play around with some light weights so I could see those muscles bulging again. James is a very handsome and incredibly sweet guy.

Even though he has done a few solo and sex scenes with my mates, he’s still really shy when it comes to showing off. I love Australian guys who don’t know how hot they really are.

I’m looking forward to getting James in for some more scenes with our mates this year. He’s got a very big following with our members around the world.

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19 year old Russian Kell Fuller wanks his big boy cock to a massive jizz orgasm

Bentley Race says: I just got back from my vacation in Europe where I got to meet loads of cute and sexy men. One of the guys that really made my visit there fun is 19 year old Russian Kell Fuller. Our travel schedules through Berlin was very tight, so we ended up doing this shoot at night in my apartment.

I wasn’t sure what Kell was going to be like. But it turned that he’s a really sweet guy, and a lot of fun to make a nude shoot with. I took loads of photos of my new mate posing in his red undies and red high tops, before he stripped completely naked.

Kell is super fit from being a dancer, and can push himself in to all sorts of positions. I was really attracted to his big legs and perfect bum, so I got a lot more photos than I really needed of him bent over showing off that bottom. We quickly got the photos out of the way so I could film Kell jacking off on the bed.

He also really gets in to fucking the fleshlight like crazy and even goes hands free on the bed. I was really impressed, especially since it’s his first time making porn. Kell is already one of my favourite new mates for this year.

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19 year old twink Justin Evans jerking off

19 year old twink Justin Evans jerking off

Bentley Race says: I finally got to meet up with this Polish twink Justin when we landed in Berlin. 19 year old Justin completely surprised me when he took the 5 hour train journey down to Berlin to meet us. I had planned to spend the day hanging out with him, but we got landed with a load of guys all at once.

So Zac was the lucky one to take Justin through his first porn shoot. I popped my head in once to catch our newest mate getting himself hard for the video scene while Zac laid on the floor filming from below. Justin is pretty dam cute as he flashes a cheeky smile at the camera while he pulls down his colourful undies.

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Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter

bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter

Bentley Race says: Aussie top fucker Alex McEwan is a 39 year old muscle stud fucks top bottom boy Skippy Baxter in his first porn shoot. It hard to see if Alex was ever going to stop slamming Skippy’s butt from all different angles.

bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter

bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter bentley race  Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter

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Sarpa Van Rider strips off his sexy g-string and wanks his huge thick dick

Bentley Race says: We are having some of the hottest days of summer here in Australia right now. I have been spending a lot of time getting my sexy mates naked up on the roof of my building. This week I’m excited to be having Sarpa Van Rider back after a year’s break from shooting.

I’m really happy to see him back. He’s looking super fit! After kicking the footy around on the roof, Sarpa started stripping down, showing off his bubble butt ass in a black g-string and more. He started getting very excited as he pulled out his big cock.

I lay on the ground getting lots of close up shots of his big bone. I hope the neighbours got a nice look too. You can check out all of Sarpa’s sex videos with out mates right now at Bentley Race.

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Sarpa Van Rider and Zac Frevo

Bentley Race says: Sexy 19 year old mate Sarpa Van Rider gets his tight bubble ass fucked by Zac Frevo. Zac squirts one of the biggest loads of cum ever seen all over Sarpa’s face.

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Sexy young dudes Cody James and Chris Wyld butt fucking orgy


Bentley Race says: You know that I take great pleasure in setting up my mates. Especially those that have not met each other before. You never know what’s going to happen.

This was the case when I introduced my mate Cody James to Chris Wyld a few weeks ago. Having shots a bunch of scenes with the guys before, I knew that they would hit it off.

In fact it turned in to one of the most fun shoots we have done this year. Chris was teasing Cody through the photo shoot that he was going to be the bottom in this shoot.

But we all know that the tall lanky Chris would be quick to ride Cody’s cock once he sees the size of it. And Chris tells me later that he’s glad he did bottom for the tiny Cody with the rocket cock.

At one point during the video Chris turns to me and asks me if he can cum because he can’t hold on any longer as Cody continually pounds his hole.



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Sexy young nude dudes Jesse Carter and Sam Sivahn hardcore ass fucking

Bentley Race says: I just loaded this very hot scene between Melbourne mates Jesse Carter and Sam Sivahn. After I met the guys for their first solo shoots a few weeks ago, I suggested the guys do a scene together. And I’m really glad they agreed to it, because this turned in to one very hot afternoon of kissing and fucking in the studio.

These guys are really affectionate with lots of kissing as we begin the shoot out in the public hallway. As Sam starts sucking on Jesse’s cock I realise that we really should head inside so the guys can get completely naked.

After finishing up the photo shoot, I grabbed the video camera to film the guys stripping each other naked one more time before Sam bent Jesse over to lube up and start raw fucking his horny mate. Jesse ends up getting fucked from all different angles until Sam blows cum all over him.

This leaves our new mates totally exhausted on the bed. I see big things things for these guys on Bentley Race this summer. They are keen to come back and mix it up with our other sexy mates too. I’m going to be keeping these boys very busy.

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Jack Ward

Jack Ward

Bentley Race says: Bulgarian professional soccer player Jack Ward is straight and has many girlfriends back home. 28 year old Jack is straight triend on the Aussiebum undies but with his massive thighs and bubble butt, they were quite a stretch. Jack pull out his nice thick uncut cock and works it hard.

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Tom Lucas

Bentley Race says: Tom Lucas actually loves posing and flexing. Getting hard and getting off is no problem at all. He pumps his fat uncut cock through his fist with fury as he works up to blowing a load in this hot solo session.

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Sexy ripped stud Dave Neubert is a skinny guy with a very big cock


Bentley Race says: One of my photographer mates in Germany told me about this guy called Dave Neubert who loves getting naked and having his photos taken. I saw some of daring shots he had taken on the streets of Berlin.

The shots looked great and I knew right away that I should meet this guy. I thought he was pretty cute too. So 32 year old Dave Neubert and I got together to make this very horny shoot in my apartment.

I really had a lot of fun shooting with this skinny guy with a big cock. We took loads of photos of Dave stripping out of some sports gear and showing off his bum in a jock strap on the balcony.

I was so turned on by Dave that I ended up fucking him in his video scene. And it ends with Dave literally blowing cum every where. He totally showered himself and my bed in cum.

This has to be one of the hottest scenes I have shot in my visits to Europe. It was a real pleasure getting to meet and play with this horny hung German.



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19 year old Lex Macy jerks his huge uncut cock

19 year old Lex Macy jerks his huge uncut cock

Bentley Race says: New York is always full of surprises, Lex Macy is one of them. He’s pretty cute, only 19 and given this is his first porn shoot he hardly showed any first night nerves.

He quickly got excited with his huge uncut cock standing firm and erect. As he works his cock in a solo scene he then started grabbing at the cameraman’s cock giving him a great blowjob and man he was dam good at it.

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Sarpa Van Rider

Bentley Race says: Sexy Australian stud, 19 year old Sarpa Van Rider greases up his bum then he pushes that black rubber cock deep up inside his ass hole. The expression on his face shows, he’s really enjoying it. Once he’s done playing with the toys he stands up and sprays a huge load of cum all over.

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German hottie Tristan Folder pulls his huge dick out of his jocks and jerks hard


Bentley Race says: I just spent the past month hanging out with some very sexy guys in Berlin. I met guys from all over Europe there, but I did get to spend some time with this local German hottie, Tristan Folder.

This fiery red head tells me that he did do some nude modelling some years ago, and it doesn’t interest him so much. It took some convincing to get him to model for me, and I’m glad he did.

This guy turned out to be much sexier in real life than he looked in the photos he had sent me. I had a lot of fun shooting Tristan in some soccer gear in my apartment an out on the balcony.

It also turns out that Tristan has a very nice fat cock. It grows and grows as he pulls it out of his jocks on my balcony.

I like Tristan a lot. He was fun to shoot with and made a very hot jacking video at the end our shoot session. I’m looking forward to seeing Tristan in action again soon.



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Marco Pirelli and Tommy Baxter

Bentley Race says: When Tommy Baxter got Marco Pirelli’s fat uncut cock in his mouth, then the sexy fun started. Marco loves to fuck, but watch how much Tommy gets off on having his tight boy ass drilled.

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22 year old Levi Hamil whips out his monster black cock in the shower at Bentley Race‏

Bentley Race says: When I first posted the photos and video of Levi Hamil jacking off his famously huge cock with both hands, my mates were going crazy! They want me to bring the well endowed New Yorker back to Australia. In this shoot Levi brought along his wrestling singlet and proceeded to show off his bulging cock through the tight lyrca before pulling it out. My mate Zac suggested that we see what it looks like when it gets wet, so he jumped in the shower and get fully soaked.

So the wrestling singlet didn’t stay on much longer and soon the monster cock was free. Zac shot this scene with the 22 year old dancer from Washington in his New York hotel room. I was in the room next door with another model waiting for the guys to finish with the video camera. And now that I see the shots and video of Levi Hamil working on that monster cock, I can see why they took their time!

Levin Hamil is a gorgeous, very softly spoken boy now living in Brooklyn. We met up with a couple of times during our stay there to shoot these scenes with him. I’m hoping he’s still about when we get over to the big apple again. Get this video at Bentley Race!


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Olly Daniels

Bentley Race says: It turns out that 19 year old local hottie Olly Daniels doesn’t mind getting his dick out and showing it off. Olly was already rock hard when Zac starting taking his pictures. I love Olly’s great fat uncut dick, as well as his white furry round bum.

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Cute red headed Texan boy Brian York strips naked and jerks his huge dick


Bentley Race says: For the past month I have been visiting Texas in the United States as a part of a project I am working on with my day job. When I heard I was going to be hitting the states, I made sure there would be plenty of down time to meet up with some of the beautiful men there.

And the first guy I met is this very cute red headed Texan, Brian York. It turns out that 23 year old Brian is a fan of my site and got in touch when he heard I was coming to his town.

And everything I had heard about Texans is absolutely right, they are some of the friendliest people in the world. After meeting Brian and having a very horny afternoon of shooting with him I knew it was going to a fun month here. We have plans to shoot some more stuff before I leave.



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Justin Evans shows off his rock hard abs as he jerks his large cock out of his jockstrap


Bentley Race says: I get to meet some pretty dam cute guys when I am traveling around. I thought that 19 year old Justin Evans from Poland was very cute when I saw his shoot with my mate Zac from 2 years ago.

We had stayed in touch and he was excited to hear that I was going back to Europe. So we organised to meet up again and make another hot scene for the site. Well Justin is looking a bit more buff these days.

Those are amazing looking rock hard abs he’s hiding under his shirt. I took a tonne of photos of Justin stripping naked, showing off his body, his gorgeous little bum, and eventually that nice big cock.

Justin is a lot of fun to shoot with. His video scene is particularly hot, as he teases his large cock out of his jocks and proceeds to fuck the pillows on the bed.

Justin looks amazing. I can see now why Zac wanted to shoot with him when we first met. I’m hoping to get together with my cute Polish mate again later this year



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Adam El Shawar

Bentley Race says: 24 year old Straight footballer Adam El Shawar doesn’t mind getting naked in the middle of the city. And being soccer player he didn’t mind getting in to the full kit and showing us a few tricks. Adam has since told me that his girlfriend loves the photos from his shoot and has even had a peek at his video. He’s a really sweet guy and he has amazing thighs and gorgeous bubble butt.

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Young Czech boy Tom Bartos stripped sucked and fucked


Bentley Race says: I get to meet some amazing guys whenever I go travelling. Last month in Munich I got to meet up with 22 year old Tom Bartos from Prague.

I had been chatting with Tom online for a while before we arrived in Germany. He changed this plans around to come to Munich early to meet me.

I quickly spotted him in the lobby of my hotel and whisked him quickly back to my room. The first thing I noticed about Tom was his good looks.

And the next was how outstandingly polite he is. The funny thing was that I did not understand a word of Czech and he didn’t understand much English.

So okay this was going to be an interesting shoot. Luckily there was not much talking to be done once the photos were over.

Tom asked if he could kiss me, and that started one of the hottest sex scenes of the whole trip. I definitely can’t resist a chunky blond muscle boy.

And when Tom rolled over to show me that big round bum in his jockstrap, I knew it would be long before my face would be planted in there. Tom is a totally sweet guy.

I really wish I had been in town longer to hang out with him. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch and get together again sometime. In the meantime you can enjoy the photos and videos that Tom and I made that morning in Munich.



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20 year old student skateboarder Scott Tyler jerks his thick uncut dick


Bentley Race says: One the sexiest guys I have met so far this year in Australia is 20 year old student Scott Tyler. I have already done a couple of really great shoots with Scott.

He very first time getting naked in front of the camera was actually one day in summer up on my rooftop. He didn’t even blink when I suggested we go outside and get him naked.

I guess he had already seen the rooftop exploits with my other mates on the site. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be that in to shoot with Scott.

He seemed fairly plain when we met the first time. But then I realised that he loves getting in front of the camera and was totally up for showing off.

We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs as he posed with just the skateboard hiding his uncut cock. But wait until he turns around. You see Scott has got one very beautiful chunky furry bum.

He must have started thinking I was weird because I wanted to take so many photos of it. It looks good, and just wait till you see it in action as he fucks my mates.



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Aussie student Bailey Shaw showing off that bubble butt at Bentleyrace‏

Let me introduce you to our newest mate Bailey Shaw. This 20 year old Aussie boy is a university student here in Melbourne. He told me that he had been checking out my site for a while and wanted to try out nude modelling. My mate Zac told me that he wanted to shoot him after seeing the photos he had sent me. The guys got along really well when we all met up. And then they quickly disappeared in to the bedroom to take these photos and make Bailey’s first video.

The first thing you will notice about Bailey is that he’s very cute and extremely polite. But wait until you see his absolutely perfect bubble bum! It’s pretty amazing when you see him pop off those jocks. For his first video Bailey lies back and jacks off over some porn on the laptop while playing with his hole at the same time. I can’t wait to see Bailey getting in to some action with my other mates. This cute stud is gonna be very popular.

>>> Naked Australians (@Bentley Race) >>>

Darnell Forde

Bentley Race says: Gorgeous 23 year old black dude Darnell Forde has a huge smile on his face after he squirts his boy cum all over his lightly furry belly.

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Bentley Race: Muscle Boy David Sweet in and out of his Speedos

While we were in Budapest last month we were lucky to meet up with local porn star and hottie David Sweet.   David had come by to drop his mate Junior off for a shoot.   While Junior disappeared in to the other room David and I had our own little impromptu shoot.   David was trying on some of the Aussiebum speedos when I suggested that he jump in the shower and get them wet.   This 23 year old Hungarian stud has one of the hottest bods I’ve had the pleasure to shoot.  David’s hard work at the gym has obviously paid off as he begins to soak his chest in my hotel shower.   I love David’s cheeky smile as he strips out of his speedo and flings them over his shoulder.  I can tell that David loves to show off as he final gets stark naked in front of me.   You gotta love a cheeky muscle boy in and out of his Aussiebum speedos. See more of David at Bentley Race.

Beau Jackson

bentley race  Beau Jackson

Bentley Race says: 26 year old Australian rugby player Beau Jackson loves getting naked out on the roof. He looks stunning in his soccer kit. The tight football gear looks so hot on red headed Beau.

The first pair of shorts he tried on were too tight to fit over those huge thighs. So he settled for a looser pair.

After showing me some ball tricks Beau start’s to strip down to his jockstrap, in the process showing me his gorgeous chunky bum.

Finally he is totally naked on my rooftop in the middle of the city. Beau has got a beautiful fat uncut dick and doesn’t mind showing it off.

bentley race  Beau Jackson

bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson bentley race  Beau Jackson

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Shane Phillips‏

Bentley Race says: It doesn’t take much for Shane Phillips‏ to peel down his running shorts and show off his growing hard on. Shane turns around his ass cheeks peeking out from beneath the silky smooth fabric. He has a very cute ass, nice and smooth and white. Loads of travelling and cycling has given Shane one of the nicest bums. Although Shane is straight he didn’t mind stripping, sitting naked in the window and taking a nice hot shower.

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Joe Bexter and Axel Jackson

Bentley Race says: Axel Jackson loves riding a big cock and couldn’t wait to let Joe Bexter ride him. Axel gets it from all angles. He even returns the favor by fucking Joe.

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Bentley Race: Aussiebum speedo shower boy Daniel Carrera

We didn’t waste much time after arriving in Barcelona to start meeting some of the local guys. I also took the opportunity to catch up with my mate Daniel Carrera. We met in Spain when I first visited there a few years ago. I told Daniel I was coming over so we organised to meet up in the city. Later in the day Daniel came round to see my apartment and get naked with me. It was a pretty chilly day so we started with getting warmed up in the hot shower. The apartment has these huge bathrooms, each a different color. So we started in the black bathroom. Daniel looks great in his little Aussiebum speedo! He has one of the most perfect bums I’ve ever seen! He completely surprised me when he turned around and was already sporting an erection in that thin nylon speedo. I could see that fat sausage straining to get out. Well of cause the speedo didn’t stay on for too long. It kept getting bigger as Daniel warmed up in the hot water. Daniel is an incredibly sweet and adorable Spanish boy. I love meeting up and shooting with him. He always gets a bit wild in front of the camera. See more of Daniel Carrera at Bentley Race.

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French dude Val fucks the pizza delivery boy Reece Anderson

Bentley Race says: One of the most fun and hot shoots so far this summer happened when I hooked up my French mate Val with Aussie boy Reece Anderson. These guys were all over each other from the very start of the shoot. We started out doing some cheeky shots in the public stairwell before heading back to the studio to film the boys getting naked and fucking.

We had a little fun with shoot by having Reece start out as the pizza delivery boy. Well Val had no interest in pizza after seeing who was delivering it. Luckily both Val and Reece are better at hot sex than their acting. These guys are extremely cute and affectionate in this scene.

It’s one hook up that I would like to do again before the summer is out.